Miracle On East 9th Street: An Angel Saved My Birthday

I’ve been blabbing about my 60th birthday for months now. Did you know? On the actual day, I was charmed by Sandy’s attentions and gifts, including this gorgeous vintage cat pin from Bella’s shop.

I love it! From Citizen Rosebud.

Mid-afternoon, however, as I was strolling the East Village, a cloud of heaviness came on me. I let my mind wander: 60 can never be “young”, my best years are behind me, I don’t want to face deterioration — I told you things got dark in there. I am not a big crier but I had a lump in my throat.

I stepped into Cadillac’s Closet, an appealing little boutique, to distract my mood. As I was browsing, I heard a gentle familiar voice and saw a brilliant hat. Judith? It was Judith of Style Crone, and Mr. J. I ran into them in the biggest city in the world, in a tiny shop – she lives in Colorado and I live in Florida. Now the tears really started as I was immediately lifted out of the dark and into Judith’s radiant embrace.

I hope I wasn’t too clumsy in telling her she’s one of the few friends who’s older than I, and that she inspired me about positive aging. She was gracious, of course, at my awkwardness. Mr. J. added his wisdom: the years ahead are not the same as being young, and that’s okay. “They’re not worse, they’re different.”

The Angel Of East 9th Street. Don’t you love her newest hat?

Thank you both, Judith and Mr J., for being the authentic angels you are. I shall try to pay it forward.

Stay fabulous and hug a friend,

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