Color, Print, And A Happy Surprise: Visible Monday


Color, print, and a happy designer surprise. It’s a beautiful Spring day, with sunshine, light breezes, and colorful prints to cover ourselves with!

Welcome to Visible Monday. If you want to participate, it’s so easy: just go to the bottom of this post for the how-to. Link back to Not Dead Yet Style if you like – we’re on Easy Does It “rules” now!

This beautiful Haitian art skirt was found at Suzanne Carillo’s Etsy shop (hurry over there now, for curated vintage). I loved it right away and it’s a closet favorite for Spring. Little did I know, until Suzanne discovered and shared, that it’s a piece by a brilliant designer, Stella Jean. See more of Stella’s work here. What a happy surprise.  : >

The skirt’s a wonderful work of art!

The classic chambray button-up shirt  is the perfect weight – many chambray button-ups feel too heavy for Florida. It’s from J. Crew Factory, and it will get a lot of wear. I’ve also worn it with a dark denim skirt, for that denim tuxedo look, and love it.

Sandals by Sofft, and necklace from the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg.
Who’s the cutest cat ever? My girl Stinky, elderly but full of life. We scooped her off the street after she was abandoned 17 and a half years ago. Love her.

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Stay fabulous, and wear what you love, xo

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    • Thank you Jacqui and thanks for coming by. I share your pain about figuring out blogging software! It can make me cry. Have a great week, xox.

  1. I love chambray shirts…they make you feel like Summer is just around the corner. She said optimistically – The shirt goes so well with your skirt.
    Lovely to see an appearance of Stinky – she looks very sweet.

    • Hi Alison – I hope spring is coming for you soon! Thanks for linking up, and for sharing the self-tan tips, xox.

  2. absolutely fabulous print and you look gorgeous in it!, looking really summery and joyful!. Lovely cats in the last picture (both of them ;D)

    • Thank you, lovely Sra! I enjoyed your travel pics and the wonderful architecture. xox

  3. That skirt is a stunner, just made for you. Suzanne certainly finds the best things.
    So good to see Stinky, what a fine puss. Many thanks for hosting Patti, enjoy your sunshine.

    • Thank you, Jill. I love to see your special dark olive skirt making an appearance! xox

  4. We have a friend who has a twin to Stinky. Same age, same colour, same name. Fancy that.
    That’s a beautiful skirt Patti. Still a bit cold here in Lancashire UK

    • So Stinky has a twin in the North! Bless them both. Thanks for linking up and stay warm, my friend. xox

    • Awww, we love the old ones, don’t we? They’ve gone through so much with us. Thanks for coming by! xox

  5. AWWW – give Stinky a head scritch from me too! You are ready for Spring in that bold print skirt. It looks great with the chambray shirt. I wore a blue shirt on Saturday, which was my attempt at changing up from black.

    • I know you are a lover of black cats, too, Shelley. Good for you, changing up from the black (I mostly take the black too), xox.

    • Thank you Sherry. Your video is a highlight of my day, getting all jiggy and all. You rock, xox.

  6. You look fantastic! Was wondering about the cute table and the bench in your photos. Did you make them?

    • Hi Sherry! Thanks for coming by. We had the table and chair made by a local craftsman! xox

  7. Great skirt from Suzanne! I’m always loving chambray, too. Very spring and fresh and fun look— so loving it.

    • Oh, love your trip to the Biltmore! So elegant, such a wonderful throw-back. And you look gorgeous there. xox

    • Thank you, Andrea! Love the street art you’re showing today, and your stripes are cool. xox.

  8. I love everything about this outfit, Patti. The Haitian skirt, the chambray shirt and your two-tone sandals have a real summery vibe. And obviously, I love seeing Stinky! xxx

    • Thank you, Ann! You’re a cat lover, eh?
      Thanks for linking – your Spring green tights are what I want to borrow right now. xox

  9. I adore that skirt! What a great find in Suzanne’s shop! Haitian art, I never knew what to call this kind of fabulous print. I have a similar dress. This is a perfect spring outfit. Thanks for the link-up, I’m glad to be back. Big hugs to Stinky!

    • Thanks, Mel. I have to see your similar dress! Looking forward to borrowing your shoes, heh. You’ve got the grooviest closet. xox

    • Hello, Jess and happy Monday! Thanks for linking up, and your new white sandals are fab. xox

    • Thank, Nicole. The black kitty is real : > Love your pattern-mixing outfit for Mother’s Day. xox

  10. This is exactly how I would have worn that skirt : ) You look awesome!

    It was a happy surprise to see that both of us were knowledgble enough to recongnize a designer piece, even if it was after the fact we both knew it was something special.

    Can’t wait to see you soon!


    • Same!! See you in a few days.
      Yes, we both had a keen eye for that Stella Jean skirt, even before we knew her. : >

    • Thank you, my friend! I can absolutely see you wearing this skirt and rocking it, xox.

  11. I like pretty much everything you wear, Patti, but this is a favorite. The collar looks just right, the spring colors. This was a great find from Suzanne’s shop. It would be wise of me to look for a chambray shirt for FL weather…

    • Hi Kim! And thanks for linking up. I love your interpretation of the “yawn” painting! xox

  12. That skirt is out of this world stunning. WOW! I love it so much. The most gorgeous print ever! Welcome by and join The Sunday Showcase Linkup with me and my blogging friends. =)

    • Thanks dear Shelbee. I enjoyed your tips on finding one’s own style! xox

  13. Oh Stinky, what a beauty she is and looking amazing for 17! She certainly found the right humans to love her!
    That skirt is fabulous, what a gloriously cheery print. xxx

    • Thank you, Vix – she is a dear special girl, that one. And thanks for linking up, your newly created dress is gorgeous! xox

    • Thanks Suzanne! Loved your round-up, esp the mules and the cool sneakers. xox

  14. There’s nothing like a beautiful print skirt, and you are rocking that one, Patti! I’m joining you soon with my daisies and yellow cords.

    I love seeing Stinky – what a lovely girl she is. Scritches on the head from me.

    • Thanks Sheila. Stinky is indeed a lovely girl. She just became deaf, but she knows when we’re coming around the corner. Love your yellow cords!! xox

  15. That skirt is stunning! I am not surprised that is from a noted designer. I love the chambray shirt and I know just what you mean by the value of having one that is lightweight. It is finally spring here and I am loving every minute of it.

    • Thank you, Elle. I love, love your look for the Art Fair, you look like art yourself, xox.

  16. Patti, that outfit is just adorable!! I LOVE, LOVE that skirt. You show the best finds! I’ll have to check out that store.
    Thanks for sponsoring the Link Up~
    xx Darlene

    • Thanks Darlene! I love the airy kimono you’re wearing today – perfect for Florida : >

  17. Patti, your pics of ideas at the end made me laugh. On Friday I wore my denim shirt just like that and when I was in the ladies restroom heading out a colleague told me I had my shrt only half tucked in. She was stunned when I said it was on purpose. Have a good week

    • Thank you Laurie and thanks for coming by. Love your stripes today, and your hair always looks gorgeous! xox

    • Thanks, Kelly. I enjoyed your dressing-room try-on session – cute stuff! xox

    • Hi Julie – we have two blacks and a gray too! The gray is a chubby little roll of fur. Thanks for sharing your fitness inspiration, xox.

    • Thank you, Sue. I’m happy to see you get a touch of Spring (and yes, pantyhose are great leg-warmers)! xox

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