Blooming Where You’re Planted

It’s no secret I want to live in NYC, at least part-time. Nothing compares to the energy and excitement I feel in the city. Here I am planted, however, in a small city on the east coast of Florida. We don’t have iconic architecture, cutting-edge fashion, or the international culture of great cities.

While planted here, I intend to bloom, and revel in the goodness of small-town life. We have minimal traffic, lots of parking spaces, really good pubs, and my sister. We’ve got hospitals, a small symphony, vintage clothing, and first-run movies. Most of all, this is where I am, and I have decided to be happy every day.

We have a charming downtown. Several thrifts and pubs, and lots of antiques.
At my local, Meg O’Malley’s, where they really do know my name and my drink.
Talented artists show off their stuff at the Art Walk.
Oh yeah, there is this – the Atlantic Ocean, clean and beautiful at our back porch.
And with our small apartment comes this sweet face . . .
And this majestic King. My big boy.

Hope you’re blooming like mad, wherever you are.

Stay fabulous,

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