Bloom Where You’re Planted

Bloom where you’re planted. I am coming down off my New York City high. Now it’s back to beach views (yeah, don’t come for me), daily chores and small-town life. I am going to go back to the city soon, and still plan to live there part-time. But for now, I will bloom in the sleepy beach town where I’m planted.

I believe one of the keys to inner contentment is not wanting to do/be somewhere/something other than what you are. My former therapist told me: “Don’t be married and wishing you were single, or vice versa,” (although the former is more complicated than the latter). A great example of blooming where planted. Fortunately, so far I am married and like it.

Always good times in the city. Here we are, two gray-heads on the Highline, on a cool October day.

So I am not going to live day-to-day in Smalltown wishing I were elsewhere. Life’s too short and precious for that! There is a lot of joy to be found here, including my handsome partner of 30 years, a dear sister, and other beloved friends. The beach is across the street, wild and stormy now, and my husband loves to surf. We have a couple of pubs we call our “locals” where the barkeeps are friendly and the drinks are cheap reasonable. Unlike my much-loved Manhattan, parking spaces are abundant.

“Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

-Abraham Lincoln
This bird of paradise bloomed outside our cottage, many years ago. The beauty still gives me a happy shiver.

And — we have thrift and resale stores too. OK, nothing like Beacon’s Closet or Buffalo Exchange, and no fabulous Manhattan Vintage Shows. But some good finds for the faithful shoppers. Yesterday I found a nearly-new Madewell knit dress (sim) at the Molly Mutt Thrift. Black with cap sleeves and a side-slit, and marked at $15.00 — but reduced by 50%! I can layer it over and under other things, and appreciate the small town bargain.

It isn’t what you have or who you are or where you are or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about it.

Dale Carnegie

In what ways do you enjoy and make the most of your surroundings? What do you love about where you are planted?

Stay fabulous, xo

Wear what you love, always. Here are some goodies to browse:


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  1. I have always struggled to “bloom” where I’m currently planted, which is a medium-sized conservative city. I’ve stayed because it’s less expensive to live in and I have a good job, but like you, I love New York and always feel like my best self when I’m there. Not that I could ever afford to live there, but….

  2. Oh Patti, I love this so very much. Bloom where you are planted is one of my favourite sayings ever. I am planted in a very cold climate and over the past two years I have been endeavouring to really embrace it. I mean, layers exist! There’s no bad weather, only bad clothes, as the Scandinavians say. That said, there are many great things about where I live. I am less than an hour away from the Rocky Mountains. I live in a neighbourhood that has wonderful people, my kids have always been able to walk to school, and we get a lot of (cold) sunshine year-round. Always a good thing to count our blessings. Thanks for this lovely post (and that dress sounds so cute, I hope you post a photo of it).

    • Hi Nicole and thanks for your comments. Sounds like you live in a beautiful spot and are blooming like crazy! Walking to school is a wonderful memory for me, even in cold New Jersey winters; glad your kids can do it. Stay well, xx.

  3. I just spent 6 weeks in NYC on a whim, since I can work from anywhere (though with a vexing time difference), and a friend’s apt in Brooklyn was available. I had a wonderful time and now plan to spend more time there like that, “co-locate” or whatever it is called. Haunted the vintage shops of Williamsburg for sure! Love the energy, likely back after winter though the jazz festival in January tempts me! So whenever an opportunity arises!

    • Oh lucky to be in the city for 6 weeks! And the vintage shops in Williamsburg are full of treasures. Enjoy your day and stay fabulous, xx.

  4. I live just south of the Los Angeles airport and a half block from the Pacific. Yet when I visit my daughter I always look forward to that drive over the Melbourne Causeway and the beautiful Florida clouds. Such a beautiful place.

    • Hello Jean and I hope you’re feeling great. I agree with you, the ride over the Melbourne Causeway is one the prettiest parts of Florida, imho. Thanks for coming by, xx.

  5. glad you made tp NYC. I live a short train ride away and have not been since the start of covid. thank you for the reminder to be happy with what we have.

    • Hello Darby and thanks for your kind words. I hope you get to the city soon, if that’s what you like! Stay well, xx.

  6. At age 74, I feel very lucky. As I’ve gotten older, I find that my needs are simpler. As long as I have my beloved husband of 55 years, my cat, and my houseplants all nearby and healthy, I can generally feel contented. I would be much happier if we and our daughter didn’t live on opposite coasts, but we stay in touch, so we make it work.

    • Hello Judy and thanks for coming over to leave your positive comments! Good husband, cat and houseplants are so important to overall well-being. Stay well, xx.

  7. What a great reminder, Patti. We all need to make the best of our current situation, especially in these unpredictable times when we’re not fully able to move/travel.

  8. Thank you for another of your positive posts. Reminded me of advice from a friend who told me to start each morning listing 3 things I am grateful for which can be as small as good coffee or as wonderful as my son. I kept a daily gratitude journal for a time after her advice but now remind myself of the positives whenever negative thoughts occur . I find gratitude for the good in life enables me to be happier and ” bloom” .So glad you have beautiful Florida as you are so pleasantly kind to your followers and I hope you enjoy the beauty in our NYC museums.

    • Hello Joan and thank you for your kind comments. A gratitude journal is a marvelous idea! And yes it’s nice to be able to enjoy two beautiful places to live. Stay well, xx.

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