Almost Free Frugal Friday Finds!

We agree the very best things in life are free – a new day, a kiss, a friendship, a smile, a subscription to Poshmark, that first cup of morning coffee, singing in the car, a lick and purr from your cat. These are the things that make life good, and that we can enjoy any time, whether we’ve got piles of money or just a scrap of it.

And some terrific things are almost free, and bring a lot of joy too:

  • Spotify or similar online music service. For $10 a month you can have unlimited, commercial-free music of your choice. I’m listening to Peter Frampton right now (I’m old).
  • Paperback books. We can still get them for a couple of dollars, via My latest picks include some Margaret Atwood, and Sandy is reading Neal Stephenson’s Anathem.
  • Watching a great TV series, like Breaking Bad, Peaky Blinders, Ripper Street, and more – on Netflix for about $9 a month.
  • A cold beer on a hot day. I don’t love beer but it does have its moments. An icy mug helps.
  • e.l.f. cosmetics. When I need a new lipstick or blush, there they are – offering terrific products for a few bucks. And a package comes in the mail!


  • A hot full-fat latte on a cold day, especially in NYC, and that last part is so NOT-frugal.
  • A rambling session at the thrift shop; I rarely top $20.
  • These very cool bangles:

almost free
I’d love to hear your frugal favorites below.

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Here’s more frugal fun:

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  1. I buy almost all of my books at thrift stores unless it’s something I really, really, want to read. I found a copy of that Margaret Atwood book at Housing Works in New York last fall! I definitely get my $8 a month worth from Netflix.

  2. Downloading audiobooks and e-books from our public library — and they almost always order the titles I suggest. Also homemade popcorn.

  3. I get most of my books at thrift shops, but I love the library for free books on CD to listen to in the car. Also, CDs cheap at yard sales! I buy all kinds of music, transfer them to my iPod and then resell the CDs at my own yard sale.

  4. E.L.F. and Wet and Wild lipsticks! I can try a new color or formula for a couple of dollars and not feel too bad if it doesn’t quite work out.
    My library often has a rack of free books out front – I always bring home a couple.

  5. I like Pandora and still use the free version. i love my meditative station in the morning when I exercise.

  6. Oh I am all about frugal even though my husband would say otherwise, lol! I’m always on the hunt for a deal. My favorite thing is ordering books from my public library. They deliver them to my home for free when they become available and then I return them in their drop box. Our library branch is small so it’s hard to find exactly what I’m looking for so the delivery service works so well. I’ll have to check out some Margaret Atwood, I’m always on the hunt for a good read!

  7. Downloading audiobooks and e-books from our public library — and they almost always order the titles I suggest. Also homemade popcorn.

  8. Yes, the library. Not just for books, but also CDs, DVDs, even paintings (well, prints). I used to check out art and change it every few weeks.
    I’ve been making cushions out of fabric remnants from other projects. It feels good to use up the material and not have a box of untouched remnants (and FAR better than tossing them), and also the cushions are cute. My next bunch are going to get fancier, with pleats.

  9. Of course, those books are at the thrift shops too!~
    Don’t forget Redbox rentals when Netflix has nothing new …

  10. The ones you note are great, and agree on New York- plotting tha now. Absolute tops is a trip to the library. Free, new books, old favorites, and an attached thrift shop that is small, well-run, and suppports the library. Oh, and a trip to a local garden store is always nice.

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