Accessories Make The Look, At Any Age

It’s a longstanding fashion dictum that accessories are the not-so-secret “secret” to a polished, individual look. Tons of books have been written, but we have the proof right here, on some gorgeous Visible Women from Visible Monday. These real-life models inspire and make us proud to be 40-plus.
As always, the first tip is: wear the accessories that make you feel great . Do a solo statement piece, a pile of bangles, colorful shoes and bags, gigantic sunglasses, or just a pair of faux-diamond earrings, whatever feels like you.

I usually choose two or three accessories per outfit, not counting my wedding ring. And there’s always room in my closet for a fab scarf, necklace, or pair of sunglasses:

Tiina of Elegance Revisited chose a lively vertical-striped jacket and an eye-catching floral necklace to play off her dark print shift. Her trim bag adds an accent and calls back to the necklace as well. Love the sunglasses too.


Nancy from J’s Touch Of Style added a pair of red gem studs and a simple bandana, and it’s just perfect to make her outfit more pulled together and memorable. Love that silver hair:


Jill of Grown Up Glamour is posing with the most gorgeous magnolia tree. Her colorful jacket looks delightful with a stone necklace and a fabulous hat from Paris. And those are some serious sunglasses, creating a slightly mysterious look.


Greetje of No Fear Of Fashion wears a sunny yellow tunic – fab already, then adds a black obi belt for definition and a more waist-flattering look. And new peep-toe heels, and a custom purse (find out how she customized that purse here).


Shellie of The FABulous Journey is gorgeous in black and white. The statement leather and gold necklace is the ideal focal point.


How do you like your accessories?

Stay fabulous,

Here’s more fab choices for any age:

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  1. I used to wear more accessories than I do now. Probably because my outfits have gotten louder I find there isn’t as much need or visual space for accessories. That said, I try to include one piece of flair to each outfit I wear.

    I do still love to collect and make accessories : )


  2. Good advice on accessories. They, more than anything, express our individuality so we should choose what excites us. Oh, btw, I’m interviewing Sheila on my blog today!

  3. Oh what a lovely surprise to be featured here! Thank you, Patti!
    I love my accessories, my collection of sunglasses keeps getting bigger and bigger…

  4. I’m a bit accessory challenged, so this post was fun! Some of these bloggers were already among my favorites, so thanks for introducing me to those I was unfamiliar with!

  5. Wow—what a great surprise to see Nancy showcased in this post, Patti!!
    Thanks so much!
    I do think the accessories are the cherry on top of my outfits! I’ve actually been trying to switch it up and be somewhat more minimal at times! As an accessory addict—it’s not always easy!
    Great roundup here—it’s always so fun to see what others are wearing!

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