What I Wore: Stretching My Summer Dresses

Not literally stretching – thankfully they still fit after a week of NYC restaurants. I mean, I’m continuing to wear my lighter weight, sleeveless dresses into Florida Fall. I prefer darker, unadorned summer dresses but I have been known to rock a floral frock in February.

Today I wore a favorite summer dress – a linen shift from GAP (similar), with a dotty denim shirt as topper (similar). A simple look for the office, with just a vintage belt and bracelet for extras. It’s still warm enough to do open shoes, like these Bernardo sandals.

Does your climate/style allow for re-fashioned summer dresses?

Bonus: I can wear this outfit with boots and tights, and a scarf next month.
Here’s the dress in NYC in May.
And more cool ideas for expanding your summer wardrobe.

Stay fabulous,

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  1. I like to wear my light dresses in colder moths too. Most of the time I wear longsleeves under my dresses.
    Have a good time

  2. I have a couple of dresses that I wear on their own in the summer and then layer with turtlenecks and jackets in the colder weather, but most of my summer dresses are too light (in colour and fabric) to wear into fall. The belted shirt looks great over dress. Hope you had lots of fun in New York!

  3. No, we either have hot weather or really cold weather. Which is ridiculous as our climate should have a lot of in between weather. We have a sea climate. But I hardly ever get to wear my "in-between-clothes".

  4. Cute!! I love that dress and shirt combination. Yes, I also wear my summer dresses into winter!x

  5. You look fantastic in that dress and the dots add a great playful touch. I like layers so sometimes I'll grab a lightweight fabric in the fall and winter and MAKE it work. Usually my most colourful pieces are spring/summer weight.

  6. I probably could keep layering up my summer dresses, but I get bored of them after a few months' wear so I like to take a break. I will be back trying to wear springy clothes when it's jolly cold next April…

  7. Believe it or not, the climate here in the west of Scotland actually does give me a bit of wiggle room. We are right on the jet stream, and get a lot of wetter, warmer weather. Warmer is a relative term, of course…

  8. The dress is perfect for layering, and the blue of your shirt is such a great colour on you.
    Yes, I wear most of my summer dresses throughout the year, just layered up with tights and a cardigan, or a long sleeved top underneath. So easy! xxx

  9. That is really cute with shirt layered over it. Dressing for cold weather is still new to me. I am hoping to layer stuff like you're doing.

  10. I am thrilled to say that today I needed a sweater…we are actually having autumn weather in South Texas. Will pack summer away! I like the way you belted this look though! Have a wonderful day, Patti!

  11. Your dress looks fabulous all year round! Love the shirt you've layered it with.
    Unless its backless, super gauzy and thin or halterneck I wear my clothes all year round, too. Usually with thermal leggings and a body stocking underneath, mittens, fake fur and a hat on top, ready to strip off if it warms up or if the pub's hot! xxxx

  12. This is a lovely look, Patti. The climate here in London is so unpredictable at the minute – it's hard to know what to wear!

  13. I do this kind of layering in the spring with my summer dresses, and sometimes into September, but I'm into jackets over my winter dresses right now – more layers equals more warmth!

    You look lovely, Patti!

  14. Very cute. My dad lives in FL so I'm familiar with your Fall weather. We're getting cold temps this week from weather coming over from Minnesota.

  15. Love this layered look and the blue for you…which I've mentioned before.

    For me that means layering with fleece lined tights (which I own quite a few), turtle necks, lined boots with extra socks and a large down coat on top of it all. LOL Not so stylish and a far cry from the lovely light layers you have here.

    I can't complain too much though since today it was unusually warm at 18 C and sunny.


  16. SoCal actually DEMANDS repurposing my summer dresses and I would normally do so if it weren't for 50 Dresses and my needing to wear separates for a while. You look fab in this dress, both with and without the topper!

  17. The climate here in Wisconsin only allows for re-fashioned summer dresses if I LAYER, LAYER, LAYER….which I LOVE to do anyway! Opened toed shoes are only wearable with a pair of polartec socks under them…and yes, I've been known to do that too! I'm happy to have arrived to a point in my life where I can wear just about anything with anything…layers, mixed patterns, mixed textures, mixed weights, mixed seasons. It's ALL good!

  18. Oh wow! This is so cute and easy, Patti. For some reason, I've never considered belting my button down shirts. Gonna head to the closet and copycat!

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