What I Wore: Shades of Gray and a Sunny Feeling

Happy Thursday! I felt very black-and-white-and-gray today. Soothing and neutral for whatever the day brings. Muted colors and neutrals do suit my pale coloration and low-contrast hair and skin. So I am always comfortable in pieces like these.

The dress is  a thrifted find, a slinky wrap, vintage probably 80’s. I tucked the collar inside, because I don’t care for big lapels. I topped it with a gray cropped jacket by BCBG MaxAzria that I’ve had for years, and added thrifted black boots.

Before I became a little more style-conscious, I would have left off the jacket  and worn plain black pumps. My adventurous-ness has increased, and with it, my joy in dressing — even in all-neutrals!

Are you having more fun with your wardrobe since you started reading and/or writing fashion blogs?

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  1. Definitely having more fun with the wardrobe since blogging, its great isn't it!  great outfit on you!

  2.  Houndstooth is not for everyone but you clearly pulled it off perfectly with an effortless take. I love the way you toned it down and added edgy accessories such as those killer black boots. 🙂

  3. I love finding amazing thrifted pieces – this dress looks great on you. I can say, without a doubt, that my style has definitely improved and refined since fashion blogging!

  4. Love your dress. the print is really great. I'm definitely more adventurous and a lot more pleased with my clothing since reading and writing fashion. 

  5. Love the wrap sweater — so cute! And yes, I'm absolutely having more fun with my wardrobe since entering the world of fashion blogs. Even though reading the blogs makes me WANT to buy more clothes, I've actually been able to resist that urge simply because I can do more creative things with what I have. It's been wonderful!

  6. Great outfit!  I am having fun with my clothes after doing a weekly fashion post of all my thrifty finds.  I love the inspiration provided by so many other 'normal' ladies that blog their every day outfits.  Glad to have found your blog!

  7. This is a great look for the office, too. And yes, I'm definitely having more fun with my wardrobe since I started blogging about career wear on a budget. At first, I just recommended good buys but then decided I needed to put my money where my clothes are :p Plus, I wanted to see more bloggers of a certain age showing that you can be stylish at any age.

  8. Absolutely, I'm having more fun with my clothes as a result of the blog.  I have always loved wrap dresses.  This jacket is perfect with the dress.

  9. Oh, I remember this dress.  From your New York trip, right?  It's just wonderful.  And the shades of black and gray are so chic.

  10. great dress and very polished with the blazer and boots! 

    fashion blogs have given me good wardrobe inspiration and i definitely have fun putting combinations together that i never would have dreamed of, but some blogs are seemingly just for posting overly eccentric things for readership.

  11. Very, very pretty on you. I think you are right that more muted colors look good on you. They allow your lovely face and hair to shine through.
    I do have more fun with clothes now although I don't wear as many of my accessories as I used to when I worked.

  12. You look great in this, Patti…I like a softer palette on you!!  One of the reasons I have enjoyed blogging so much is because I now have more fun with my wardrobe…perhaps too much fun!!

  13. This outfit looks great on you! And I like how you tucked in the too-big collar. I haven't been doing personal style blogging for very long, but I've run across so many adventurous women who not only inspire me with their style, but inspire me with their writing as well. So am I having more fun? You betcha! I am grateful that I have found this community.

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