Visible Monday #34: The Scoop on eShakti, and Savings for You!

Welcome to Visible Monday #34! If you want to participate, it’s so easy: just go to the bottom of this post for the simple how-to.

I was approached by eShakti to review one of their items, and I chose this pretty  Embellished Florals Flared skirt. They sent it to me at no cost and asked for my opinions. These are my opinions, even though the skirt was a gift.

This online store offers to customize clothing for you for a minimal charge of $7! I did not take advantage of that service, as I’m a fairly standard size, and this skirt is only fitted at the waist. But I may order some “custom” fits in the future.

The skirt was a little wrinkled out of the bag, but I just spritzed it with water and tossed it in the dryer for a few minutes. It came out beautifully. The fit is great, and the length is just right for me. I like the high waist and the belt loops. My only personal regret is that I feel a little limited in how to style it; I am not sure what other tops would complement the blue and violet flowers. I’m open to suggestions!

I find the quality good for the price, and the skirt is washable, so I am a happy reviewer. If you’d like to try one of eShakti’s pieces, either ready-to-wear or customized, they are offering  a $20 gift certificate off any purchase, to new buyers. You just have to register, and be a US resident (sorry, non-US-ers).

Tee: Old Navy, Shoes: Naturalizer. The shoes bore me though, and I
plan to re-donate them. Blue suede booties would’ve rocked this outfit  : >
What other tops could one wear with this skirt?

Here are some of my picks for using the $20 discount:

Gold Buttoned Pencil Skirt, $44.95 before Gift Certificate. I love the
simple shape and the fitted waist.
Straw Ring Tote, $49.95 before Gift Certificate. This would add some
zest to my summer looks.
Swanning Around Blouse, $49.95 before Gift Certificate. Check out
this blouse on the model at the eShakti site – it’s so feminine.

Now, I can’t wait to see what you are wearing today!

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  1. Nice dresses.I also love eshakti.My favorite colors are in these skirt.I really like your dresses for girls.Thank you for so much for sharing this post.

  2. Hi Patti, maybe i already left a comment, but what the heck, here is another one!
    The skirt is lovely, wow!
    You could pair it with almost anything, you know me i would have made it spectacular!
    Sorry i did not participate this week –

    Take care

    Ariane xxxx

  3. Personally I think it would look amazing with a crisp white collared shirt and nude heels come Spring…what a lovely skirt:) Enjoy it!! C

  4.  Hi Terr- it's all poly, and the flowers are appliqued, very nicely too, I would say.

  5.  Great work, Anne! Love the striped top. And the shoes are freakin' awesome too, no "boring" there  : >

  6. I agree with you Patti, the boots would have taken this outfit to the next level.
    And they have some relly nice stuff, i hope you get the tote.

  7. I visited their store some time back and thinkit's such a great idea.  I need clothing to be fixed to fit me correctly, so I have few items that do … lol.  The skirt you chose is beautiful … I imagine it would look beautiful with a soft lilac top and if the material is not too heavy, you could carry it off in summer too.

    Just beautiful Patti.

  8. The skirt is so cute! I love the flowers and the colors. You absolutely should do your pattern mixing thing. Try something with blue flowers, or black polkadots, or violet stripes, or plain white top with blue cardi… oh boy, I could go on and on. I love these colors!

  9. You know I love the matchy, but I would pair the skirt with some purple to pull out that purpley-lilac tone in the flowers. On the other hand, a very bright yellow would be lovely with it.

  10. You do look gorgeous in this outfit! Very figure flattering…I agree with Tamera, fitness secrets? Have a great week Patti!

  11. Love the vintage look of the skirt and you have styled it beautifully! I also got to know about eShakti recently (do you know shakti in sanskrit means Power!), and your review is perfectly editorial! I wore florals too today, paisley to be exact!
    Hope you had a wonderful long weekend!
    Style-Delights Blog 

  12. Patti, I think that skirt is gorgeous, and that you should think outside the box when styling it with lots of color!

  13. Hi Patti,

    I love that skirt it's so pretty on you. I will have to take a look at that site.  I tagged you on a my latest post so please check it out.

  14. I understand your comment about the shoes; they are not an ugly shoe, but boring compared to others in your wardrobe.  I try to keep a pair of shoes that I don't really like anymore for "messy weather and rain days'….when you can't wear boots, but don't want to ruin a good pair of shoes.  Maybe you could call them second string shoes!  I also keep a pair of flip-flops in my car at all times for those sudden downpours when I don't want to ruin the shoes I have on…..but you just have to run in the grocery store!

  15. Hello!  I've always read about this link but never popped over!  I love it!  What a good idea!  I felt so gloomy, I knew that a cheery outfit would make me feel better about going back to school!  Nice to meet you!!!!!  Your skirt is absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!

  16. Lovely skirt on you. I bought a dress from eShakti and ended up giving it away. It didn't fit me right – but that was my fault for not measuring myself properly. I had it altered by my seamstress and she told me it was a very well made dress. She had a heck of time getting the seams apart. I don't know that I would use the customizing service there again, but I would consider buying an item or two in the future. I like that red blouse very much actually – good choice! 

  17. hi patti, thank you so much for your good wishes to my boyfriend's sister and for checking out my post.  and for hosting this link up!  you look perfect in that skirt – it was a great choice!
    as for suggestions of what else to wear with it, i think you have limitless possibilities because that color goes with lots of other colors.  for example, i think a white v neck tee would pop against the dark blue.  or a bright pink. or yellow.  perhaps you could pair it with brown boots.  or if you keep the top neutral (grey, white, or black) red or yellow heels/flats would look great.
    and since the pattern is large and rather minimal, i think it would also do well to mix with other patterns, like horizontal b&w stripes or a small print polka dot top.

    i would love to see this skirt make repeated appearances on your blog and to see what else you pair it with!

  18. Patti-that skirt is SO you!!!! It's gorgeous!! Maybe pair it with a lavender top for spring/summer! and or course white is alwats good!

  19. Hi patti!
    I think that skirt looks very pretty on you, I like all the floral designs. And the whole outfit looks classy and elegant. The sparkles on the top adds interesting accents too. The round pink tote is really eye catching by the way! Thanks for the review. 


  20. I love that swishy skirt! You always look great. And again, the belt and the nails are such excellent toppings. I get what you're saying about the booties, but those black shoes with the black tights make your legs look long and sleek.

  21. Patti, I love the skirt. I thought about other tops: may be black, gray, even dark green? I don't think a patterned top would work… Thank you for hosting the party!

  22. Love the skirt! Great pick. I think it would look great with a whole host of bright colors – yellow, pink, turquoise, purples, etc. I also think it could be worn with a striped or polkadot top in complementary shades.

    Glad to hear more positive reviews about eshakti. I've gone to order from them before, but was put off by their minimum purchase amount. Not sure if they're still doing that though.

  23. Love the skirt and I have to say I love your "boring" shoes too. haha  They look so pretty and dainty.  I'm trying to be careful about slip on shoes.  I've bought a couple pairs that I thought fit well, but once I'm wearing for the day I find myself endlessly slipping out of them when I walk.  I've tried stuffing the toes with kleenex and also those heel pad things, but nothing works.  So sad because I really like the shoes. 🙁

  24. Patti you look fit and slim in this outfit.  What a great skirt!!!  Congrats on being approached by eshakti.  Great review and pick.  I love the straw bag for Spring and the swan blouse is beautiful. As far as pairing the skirt, I would do a spring green or yellow cardi.  I will link up tomorrow.  Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  25. My favorite colors are in that skirt. It is so pretty! Here are some ways I would style it for you. With a white tee and denim jacket. With a chambray shirt tied at the waist and a pretty scarf.
    You did style it beautifully to allow the pattern to take center stage.

  26. Patti–the eShakti skirt is beautiful!  What kind of fabric is it and are the flowers printed on or some sort of applique?  As always, I appreciate you organizing this weekly event.

  27. Love your skirt!  And I also love eshakti…I have a blouse which is fun, quality, and fits like a glove!!  I highly recommend that the opportunity to save on their site be taken advantage of…they have great scarves too!!

  28. Patti such a nice review, my favorite on their site was the garden blooms necklace… as I do always love a beautiful bold necklace.  Thank you  again for hosting Visible monday!  You look absolutely beautiful as always…I think some posts on your fitness routine are in order, (spill the beans on how you maintain your girlish figure my dear 🙂 Wishing you a wonderful week.

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