Visible Monday #89: Suitably Dressed

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This look is more corporate than my usual. I don’t often wear a proper blazer, and prefer cardigans. But why not a change of pace?

We have only a couple of cool days left, so I chose my wool pencil skirt and super-soft J Crew boots (both thrifted). I think the corporate look can be aging, so I popped my collar and belted my high waisted skirt with sparkles. My Birth of Venus scarfΒ  and emerald bangle show up again: I tend to binge on my accessories, then forget them for a while. Then I shop anew in my closet, beneficiary of my forgetfulness!

The navy top is courtesy of Adea, a maker of incredibly soft, comfortable clothing for layering and more. I love the color (check out their color choices) and the silky feel of this top. And it’s machine washable, and dries in 30 minutes, great for travel.

Adea is offering my readers a special discount of 25% off the entire website, through April 30, 2013. Just use the code NDYS13.

This is my “I might have a job interview today” look. ☺
The top was courtesy of Adea, but the opinions are my own.

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  2. You'd definitely get the job! Bright blue and black look stunning on you. And you do know how to make it pow with accessories, Patti.

  3. Ohh you look Fantastic. I love the scarf, belt, blue top & bracelet. Nice sharing my latest outfit in here. =)

  4. Love the pop of blue, Patti. I used to wear (statement piece) blazers all the time (they're on a sabbatical during my pregnancy, alas), but the look was definitely not corporate! The great thing about blazers is that you can do so many things with them. πŸ™‚

  5. I think you look pretty, that top is so versatile and the belt is edgy. Thank you for sharing the discount from Adea.

  6. I have to say that a jacket on you would never be boring or aging because of the way you style it; you look great in it!! The colors are striking. Also, thank you so much for providing this wonderful opportunity, through Visible Monday, to connect and share our mutual passion for style. I look forward to it every week. I hope to meet you in person someday!!

  7. The pin stripes are rockin', Patti! And I love the navy on you, beautiful!!! ~Sarah

  8. Seriously, one of my favorite outfits for you! The whole works great, but I particularly love *that* scarf next to *that* blazer. So many of us have to use a blazer as a slenderizing factor … you just wear it perfectly, with no need to be slenderized! Great slim boots.

  9. My bright pants and I have signed up! Thank you, as always, for hosting. Oh, and that scarf is amazing. I love this whole look on you!


  10. Sorry not to leave a message before, Patti, been having trouble with my browser. You look great in the suited look. That's a beautifully tailored jacket, I love the subtle colour tones and those boots are magnificent!

  11. Oh, you look so chic and high-powered in this! We're warming up slightly, for the moment, but I think I have many heavy-clothing days ahead of me yet. (Like, probably at least half of July will be heavy-clothing days.)

  12. Love the belt. We are experiencing the same in California. Weather is still a little chilly. It's about layering right now.

  13. What a chic professional look! You look great! Thanks for the link up!

  14. Glad to be with you another week, dear patti.

  15. Love the belt. It and the scarf take your outfit to the next level. Thanks so much for hosting!

  16. Corporate chic – Love!And I completely the feeling about taking advantage of cool weather clothing while you can. It is the 'problem' of living in a warm weather climate.

  17. Like you, I've been trying to get a few last days' wear out of the winter garments, but I'm really looking forward to moving some of the lighter clothes to the front of the closet. Your outfit looks professional without being at all intimidating — seems perfect for your line of work.

  18. Hi Patti, yes It's great to look smart every now and then, I do love a blazer and your Birth of Venus scarf is really lovely! Have a good week ahead!

  19. You do look super smart but not in the least aged! I love you in cobalt blue, Patti, and the scarf, bangle and belt add extra colour and pzazz. Lovely! xxxx

  20. Patti, first of all, nothing you wear could age you (I think I'm safe to say WE ALL think you're ageless). Although I love how you popped the collar and added the beautiful scarf. I, too, tend to binge on my accessories and also forget them for a while (out of sigh,t out of mind thing or is it old age?). You look beautiful as always.

  21. Fabulous outfit from head to toe πŸ™‚ Patti. I love the boots and the scarf too.

  22. I sort of think it's fun to dress corporate/professional sometimes…probably because I don't have to! Love that shade of blue on you! Thanks for hosting one of the best blog link-ups around! Debbie @

  23. What a classy outfit, both with and without the blazer! And you've got that lovely bracelet again for a pop of color. Can't wait to check out the Adea site and see what they have!

  24. I'm often in corporate gear and know what you mean about it being aging but I think you look great in a blazer! Very smart and I love all the little buttons on the blazer – gives it a more feminine edge.

  25. You look very smart, Patti! Keep 'em guessing about whether you have an interview. πŸ˜‰

  26. You look lovely in this outfit, Patti! Very professional and put-together.

  27. I like the fit and cut of the entire outfit. Very pretty scarf and belt. Thanks for making a gathering spot!

  28. Hey Patti! Love the blazer actually! I wear a lot of blazers but what I usually wear with them totally negates any corporate look that could have happened! hugs~

  29. A good idea to pick out the winterly treasures of the wardrobe before summer arrives. Yours are adorable, the blazer is so cute and the skirt with the sparkling belt as well!

  30. Patti, you look drop dead gorgeous in that top picture…beautiful!!

  31. Hi Patti, you look so polished and awesome and EXTREMELY visible! So beautiful! xoxoxox P.S. Love Adea, have been buying their tops for years!

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