Visible Monday #61: Revert to Hippie

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As part of preparations for moving house, I’ve been clearing out dressers. Lucky work! I found this vintage 1970’s wrap skirt that I’d purchased about ten years ago, and then tucked away. It’s a good sturdy cotton fabric and I really enjoy the design. I had similar skirts in the actual 70’s, when I was a college student, because they were cheap and cool. I wore them with graphic tee shirts and flip-flops.

I like the wrap skirt again, this time a little more polished with a scoop-neck tee and bangle bracelets. Oh, and a very pretty cat who is inclined to pose just like me. Paw in front, slightly turned.

How poised is Stinky? Oh, and the flash is making my top look sheer around
my bra – but in real-life it’s opaque.
I had fun wearing this old skirt; it brought back memories while making
me feel Visible today.

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. That beautiful skirt would be lovely with the vintage jacket I just "found" in my closet! Maybe Stinky could teach my dog how to pose for the camera?

  2. The colors in the revived skirt are some of my favorite, and with the black top you're looking very sophisticated.  

    Stinky really got in on the action!

  3. OMG!  I am new to this blog and just LOVE it! I am over 55, looking for fashion inspiration and find all these lovely ladies just looking so great. I have come to the right place!

  4. Oh Patti, I think you look lovely in this skirt. It has an oriental feel to me. I think it would look great with a white tee and a denim jacket when it gets cooler. That color is so pretty.
    Stinky is a better poser than my Harry, but both are funny critters.

  5. Patti! You look like a prima ballerina! BEAUTIFUL! Love that skirt! Hugs! Serene

  6. I love this look on you and I love your hair pulled back. It shows your beautiful face and smile.


  7. I like the updated look on the classic skirt! I also like the elegant feline. Lovely, the both of you!

  8. What a great find – the colors are beautiful. I think your cat might have an interest in his own style blog. I can see it now, Stinky Style…LOL.

  9. i adore this skirt and it doesn't look dated at all
    right on trend

  10. Patti, you look so pretty in this outfit! Love your hairstyle too! So polished! Thank you for the party!

  11. I am not so sure what is happening with my comments today, but just incase my first one didn't make it through, here it is. 🙂 You look fab Patti and I love that skirt. It is so nice to clean out your closet and find some treasures you didn't even know you have or have forgotten. Just fab!

  12. I am not so sure if my first comment made it through, but to make it sure now  I will comment again. You are looking fab, Patti. I love that skirt. It is so nice when you find treasures in your cloet that you didn't even know you

  13. Oh Patti, you look fab! I love that skirt. Isn't it nice when you clean up your closet and you find treasures that you didn't even know you had or have forgotten. Fab! Good luck on the move!

  14. And I thought I was following you already but hadn't clicked that button yet lol. Hope for you to follow me back.

    Have a Great Monday and Rest of the Week!! Ada. =)

  15. I love that skirt on you: it fits you perfectly and the color and print is exquisite.  Now what came first, the kitty or the pose?

  16. I love rediscovering an old piece from the closet and making it current again – this skirt reminds me very much of one's my mother used to wear when I was a girl – she loved her hippy skirts. It is lovely with the simplicity of the black tee.

  17.  Wrap skirts (and dresses) are great. They can expand and contract to a certain degree! I hope they never go out of style.

  18. I love how color coordinated you are with your home! Did you plan it that way, Patti? You look so lovely, as always!!! ~Sarah

  19. you look so pretty in your hippie skirt! i like the 70s style and whenever i see a piece of it get reminded to a wonderful time in my life. your cat, so sweet, a truely lovely cat model! 

  20. Oh, Patti, the skirt looks so good and natural on you, I really hope it is something you keep rather than part with!

  21. Have you had this skirt for a long time? It's really cute, haven't seen you wear it before. Love a good wrap skirt. I recently found one I almost bought at a local consignment shop but it was missing the little hole to pull the tie through so it just didn't work. Bummer.

    Thanks for having us!!

  22. Poor little skirt, languishing in your closet until its dramatic rescue and showcase here to make up for lost time. This is a fantastic skirt. And you look very chic in that black top especially with the way you're wearing your hair. Boho chic.

  23. Patti, I love this pink skirt!!  And the way you styled it is perfect…love it!

  24. Oh Patti I love that skirt!! Such a lovely vintage fabric. And your hair looks as great tied back as it does loose – it really suits you!

    Catherine x

  25. Gorgeous skirt, Patti!  I love those colors.  And Stinky is lovely, too!  Isn't it funny when our pets want to participate!  😉  -Marci   

  26. ah, 70's wrap skirts!! How I loved them!!
    I love your outfit–the skirt looks very "now". Stinky is gorgeous!!!

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