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Every year I look forward to the donning of the boots. Like most women, I enjoy all the variety, style and cool a good-looking boot adds to any outfit. Cowboy, equestrian, shorties and talls, I love ’em.

I am expanding my horizon this season, to add a pair of non-boots. That’s right, good old shoes, to put some variety into my Fall/Winter wardrobe.

Here in Florida keeping my legs/feet warm is not a serious problem, save for about ten days a year, so I have lots of options. My basics are pretty well covered (two pairs of flats, a pair of pumps and cough-cough, several boots).

So I’m looking for some personality shoes. Second-glance shoes that will enliven my ever-smaller wardrobe.

I was inspired by Une Femme to flip through JCrew’s online LookBook and found these beauties. I love the print! It surprised me how much I liked them, because they are not “practical”, but I began thinking about all the outfits these shoes would flatter.

We could be very happy together. JCrew Everly cap-toe pump.

Here’s another option, more  affordable but still fabulous, from Poetic License. I’d wear these with any of my full skirts and feel updated:

Everyday pumps with an attitude. Girl About Town by Poetic License.

And this color will probably surprise me by “going” with a lot of my neutrals:

Not too much animal print, not too much pink, just right: All Dressed Up by Seychelles.

Have a joyful Saturday, and don’t forget, Monday, August 27th is Visible Monday! Everyone is welcome to participate!

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  1. I like both the Girl About Town and All Dressed Up the best. If I get one more pair of shoes, I honestly don't know where I'd put them!

  2. If I had not spent every last penny of my 'surprise' tax return on boots for Fall, I would have purchased these for sure. Totally cute and would update any wardrobe. 🙂

  3. OMG those shoes are terrific, all 3 pairs. Absolutely Gorgeous and would look good on someone 20 years old and beyond. Looking Forward to your Visible Monday, tomorrow.

    Take Care Dear Patti. <3 Ada.

  4. I hope to have my act together to participate in Visible Monday this week–in a new dress no less.  That second pair of shoes has a wonderful retro vibe to it, but it is the first pair (very unusual) that I like the best.

  5. Ooh, you can feel free to be my personal shoe shopper.  Your taste is what I wish mine was!

  6. Patti–I think any of them would be an awesome addition to your wardrobe! Oh how I wish I could wear heels!!

  7. I really really love the first pair. I think they would be lovely with your wardrobe of black, navy, and dark greens. I tend to swoon for t-strap shoes anyway. They always remind me of dancers and how elegant dancers feet look.

    (I live in a pretty warm area and don't even want to talk about my boot to shoe ratio)

  8.  Well, I was not reporting my boots, booties, shooties . . .  : >

  9. I love them all! The second pair feels much more casual to me, which you could wear with many outfits, but I have a special hankering for the first pair – I do love a pointy toe. Since you do have an abysmally small number of shoes, "a pair of pumps" (?!) you need to buy them all. Perhaps you shall experience an unexpected windfall of money next week.

  10. Wow, Patti, ever lovely picks! The print on the first is amazing, but the second pair would get my vote for shape / styling, unique details, and stability / wearability. Enjoy your decision-making process! 

  11. I love the first and last pair. You have a good eye for striking, colorful shoes that will still go with neutrals. Not easy!  (Too bad we can't try  pairs of shoes with every outfit we own before buying them….. I'm far too impatient to buy "on trial" and then return immediately if needed). Please tell us which ones you wind up getting!

  12. Wow….I love the first pair.  I think they could be really practical…they would be the star of many neutral dresses and more.  Now after that shoe tease…I might need to buy them!

  13.  I'd take the pink pair.  Snake is big for fall and I love the idea of mauve/dusty rose shades of pink for fall.

  14. Oh Patti, I just fell in love with the first pair … they're stunning.

    Hope alls great on your side of the world.

    Hope alls great

  15. Whoa!  That first pair are amazing.  Practicality is nice, but aesthetic beauty has value, too.  Wearing these could transform your entire attitude.

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