Visible Monday #48: Visiblity Without Labels

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Here’s a Visible outfit for either work or play that I feel very comfortable in. And going back to my post about my unofficial “uniform”, I see that it qualifies. (I’m not trying to dress in a uniform way; I do find myself drawn to this formula).

I love this Tommy Hilfiger navy skirt. It’s a crisp cotton and has good weight to it, so it holds its shape. I thrifted it, and it’s two sizes larger than my usual, so lesson for me: pay no attention to size labels! In fact, pay no attention to labels at all, and let clothing (and people) unfold just as they are.

The little gray knit jacket is by Limited, also thrifted. I like the drawstring close, even though it’s thisclose to being too casual for the office. A thrifted scarf is my belt, and my blue suede shoes are the stars of this look. I think I love them too much, it’s not normal  : >

All neutrals, with a dash of cobalt at the feet!
Just playing with the photo editor, and I like the stark, clean
look of black, white and gray.

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. Patti!  You look beautiful!  Isn't that why a uniform is a uniform?   Because it works every time!  Hugs to you!  ~Serene

  2. it took me a long time, but i don't even think about size anymore
    if it doesn't fit me in one size, i will try until i find the size that does fit if i really like something

  3. Hi Patti, I totally understand the blue suede shoe love… it is actually normal for women I think. That skirt is the perfect length! I like the black and white too… 🙂

  4. Hi Patti, I love love love those shoes, and then I love them some more :o) Have fun on your upcoming trip. Can't wait to see pics!

  5. That cut of that jacket is so flattering. I've learned to pay not attention to size anymore , and be happily surprised at times. Shoes divine.

  6. I think it's totally normal to love the cobalt shoes as much as you do!  I like how they play with the scarf/belt.  Sizes can be so deceiving.  I learned that lesson with vintage, where sizing means nothing.

  7. Don't let anybody step on those blue suede shoes!
    BTW it's perfectly normal to love your shoes. I love ALL mine…but some more than others.

  8. I have serious, major shoe envy. The whole outfit is great, but I am so in love with cobalt right now it isn't even funny.

    Thanks, as always!

  9. Patti I could not agree more: Labels are just labels –
    I like that picture of you in black and white 🙂

  10. This is one of my favorite colors of blue – I love the espadrilles!  I hope you wear them with all black and all white at some point, too.  What an opportunity to wear navy toe polish.

  11. The blue suede shoes are like the icing on the cake, giving your neutral outfit a little sass.  luv it.

  12. that's a really unique cardi with a ribbon, it gives a nice shape to your outfit. I like navy blue anytime, always reminds me of the deep blue sea…can't wait for out beach holiday! The scarf belt is a great idea. 


  13. I love the pop of cobalt sandals with this look! I firmly believe in not caring about size labels, but I do pay a little attention to brand labels. It's not a deal breaker, but I do generally get some idea about what I'm buying if I am familiar with the brand (consistency, fit, etc). I have things that claim to be all different sizes, but I always always eyeball stuff for sizing and then try on.

  14. Ooh, GREAT shoes! I love that pop of color at your feet. And I know just how you feel about abnormal love for a certain pair of shoes… 😉 Great thrift scores, too. Cute!

  15. Oh I LOVE your blue suede shoes, Patti! They add a great pop of colour and make your legs look fabulous sweetie!!!

    Hope it's okay to link up twice… couldn't choose between my two posts 😉

    Have a great week!

    Catherine x

  16. Love the blue suede shoes! I never look at size labels on clothing except as a very loose guideline.

  17. I love this style, Patti!  Looks Like you are ready for NYC!

  18. It's totally normal to love blue suede shoes! That skirt is a great find and just goes to show you have to try things on. I'm always finding that sizes of garments vary so much and what it says on the label is never an indication of how it will fit!

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