Trends I Will Likely Skip This Season . . .

I pay attention to trends. Or actually, I don’t have to. If you like to shop, either online or in person, the trends will come to you. And there are some terrific ones for Spring/Summer 2013 that I am celebrating: stripes of all kinds, florals, nude nails, black-and-white, tuxedo-cut jackets, and lower, chunkier heels (yay!).

Love these Sam Edelmans! Angie at YouLookFab featured them recently.

I wear most of the above anyway. But their being “in” means there’ll be a lot more to choose from in all the shops, and then in the consignment stores/thrifts.

Here are a few of the next-great-things that I will take a pass on. They’re just not my style, but might be perfect for another woman, so no judgement is passed:

  • Peekaboo anything. It’s in to show some skin, but not my skin. I like more coverage, although I don’t mind form-fitting for dress-up wear.
  • Short suits. I did them in the 70’s. Enough said about that.
  • Heavily embellished”global prints”. These are beautiful to look at but they overwhelm my small frame and low-contrast coloring. Maybe a fabulous scarf will do the trick.
  • Neon. It’s back! And it’s never looked good on me, so I must pass again, save for a cool bangle.
Lovely blouse but the color will wipe me out. Nordstroms, $79
  • Bomber jackets. Another style I really appreciate, but doesn’t suit me well, or I haven’t found the right cut yet. They tend to look too mannish on me.

Over to you: what are you embracing/avoiding of the “new” trends? Or do you pay no attention, and travel to the beat of your own drummer?

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  1. Oh, I love those sandals. Really hot looking. At my still young but somewhat advanced age, I have decided never again to buy a pair of sandals that do not have a strap which holds the shoe to the foot, i.e., no single strap across the toes mules, between the toes, etc. If your toes cannot grip the shoe tight enough to keep it on the foot, it's too easy to sprain an ankle or even worse, trip and fall flat on your face. Broken hips I do not need.

  2. I am happy to see that some trends are repeating from last year. The floral pants for one. I never thought I could pull them off and now find I really enjoy them.

    I find neon hard to wear unless you have a dark complexion so I might do like you and just add a touch or two.

    I think it is correct to choose the trends you follow. You need to make sure it works for you.


  3. I am so out of the trend loop, I have absolutely no idea what is in and what is out! Any information about this stuff comes from posts like yours, Patti, otherwise I wouldn't have a clue! None of it matters really, does it? We should wear what we like and what works for us. Those sandals are lovely. xxx

  4. I really don't follow trends at all, though I suppose I'm influenced without knowing it by what I see in the occasional fashion mag I buy, or if I ever pop into a mass market store – for example, I'm loving all things tribal now (of a vintage variety, of course). But I think it's great that you don't slavishly follow ends and try to force something that doesn't suit your body or style ethic. I'm sure that can happen with people all too often.

  5. I tried fro a couple of years to be aware of trends. I was also shopping retail. My style has gone so sideways since then I've stopped keeping track. Tumtum to the beat of my own drum~

  6. I am a fan of ladylike and equestrienne, no matter the year. I encourage you to get an embellished / patterned scarf – I loved the ones I saw in India.

  7. I think it's great when you know when a "trend" is not going to work for you or be incorporated into your current style. I totally agree that others may look amazing but I will be honest with myself if it just doesn't fly on me. No matter how hard I try hah



  8. I'm down with black and white, neon, and certainly with chunky heels, because I'm too much of a klutz to wear spindly stilettos. I'm trying to embrace lace, but I've never been an especially girly girl, so lace feels very formal and feminine, compared to my usual style. I want to try it, though, so we'll see how it goes.

  9. Mine is the torn, baggy jeans you see in so many blogs. I definitely won't spend money on that look. Those sandals are perfect!

  10. Dearest Patti,

    Got lucky for finding some really nice and comfy (lower heel!) Taryn Rose sandals at LastCall by Neiman Marcus! HATE those spiky heels on platform; what a hazard they are. You are so right for passing by on several trends as we ought to wear what looks best on our body and suits our life style. Those short suits however I've always liked very much; maybe that's because of my long legs…?

    Hope spring is coming soon to your area.

    Hugs to you,

  11. I love crop tops, not super crop, just a little crop, because they work well with all my high waisted skirts. I wouldn't 100% say never to anything because the item could win me over if it's done the 'trend' right.

  12. I skip to the point of actively avoiding trends. I might do something tangentially related to a trend, but that's about as far as I go. It reminds me of that great scene in Funny Face where, upon being congratulated for essentially getting every woman in America to wear pink, fashion editor Maggie Prescott is asked why she's not wearing the color she made so famous. Her answer? "I wouldn't be caught dead."

  13. Last season (thankfully they're dying out now) it had to be peplums! No, no, no. They emphasise my hips way too much and just scream fashion fad to me. Crop tops are back but I won't be doing them either based on the same reasons (and I agree) you give for peekaboo's and the fact I left my teens ten years ago. I might give short suits a go though…if I can find a decent cut. πŸ™‚

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