Thrifty Challenge With Pippa ~ To The Office for Under $20

The lovely, vivacious Pippa of Shop With Pippa asked if we could do a thrifting challenge together. We decided on “Can you thrift a great look for under $20 total?” The talented blogger said she could do it in her sleep (well, she said she could do it, no problem, and she is a master thrifter).

Here is Pippa’s stylish, incredibly affordable look (see more pictures at her site, plus all the shopping details). Browse through her blog, too – it’s full of wonderful tips on how to shop for less.

Love this skirt. Get all the details here.

Because she never rests, here are Pippa’s two beautiful models, also thrifted out and looking incredible:

Leather boots for $2? Well done!

I was able to pull it together, too, at just the $20 mark. Here’s my office look, all thrifted save for the yellow bangle from Target ( remove it with your eyes):

A nice mix of brights and neutrals, perfect for work, and all for a $20 bill!
The scarf totally busts the budget; it was $18 at a consignment shop.

And here’s the breakdown:

BCBGeneration bronze boots, $9
Banana Republic pencil skirt, $3
Lime green Talbots under-sweater, $2
Emerald green Target cardigan, $4
GAP leather belt, $2

So I just made it! I don’t count my watch and wedding rings, because I wear them every day; they are part of me ☺

Always-fabulous Lynne of Good Will Hunting Paralegal is doing a similar thrift challenge right now. Hustle over there and check it out; she is welcoming entries!

And have you taken the Shop Secondhand First Pledge, created by Citizen Bella? Get the details and pick up a badge here.

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  1. I just had to say how much I love your outfit + the scarf!

  2. I love your smile in this photo Patti — the outfit is cute too πŸ™‚

  3. Wow, I was looking at the pieces and almost couldn't believe my eyes! There's no way in Dubai we could get anything like this. Thrift shopping is definitely not the culture here, too bad..




  4. You look great!! Love that Banana Republic skirt. Fun challenge,
    Becky πŸ™‚

  5. Everyone looks fabulous. Patti, I'd love to thrift shop in your area. The prices are affordable and the clothing is stylish. In my neck of the woods, sometimes you can find less expensive bargains at TJ Maxx and Ross. I have always been a thrift shopper, something about the thrill of the hunt. Great idea.

  6. Pippa's outfits, and those of her models, are lovely, and great bargain prices. And you have done a brilliant job too, Patti, I love the teal/chartreuse colour combination and those boots were a wonderful buy. Funnily enough, I have done a similarly themed post and mentioned Lynne's challenge too – great minds and all that! xxxx

  7. Oooh, what a good challenge. You did it so well, as did the other girls too. I've just thrifted some great office wear, it's definitely possible to do this. Xx

  8. I have a major crush on that lemon print skirt! Adorable. Also I love your color pairing, Patti. The scarf is perfection, even if it does bust the budget. πŸ˜‰

  9. Great outfit! Thanks how I've rolled for years, too. Who needs Macy's — or the entire mall for that matter? What you paid for the thirfted outfit barely pays the sales tax on those items new.

    Took the pledge and got the badge! πŸ™‚ Thrift ON!

  10. ha ha…my favourite piece is your scarf! probably why I do so poorly when it comes to thrift store shopping.


  11. Aww thanks Patti! Your outfit is amazing and that you thrifted it for under $20 is the best part! You must have some good thrift stores. This was a fun challenge but unfortunately I did not make it under the $20. Abby did and the $2 leather boots helped! Thanks again! pippa

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