Here Comes The Story Of Hurricane: Visible Monday

Here comes the story of Hurricane. Bob Dylan’s iconic song is about Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, a boxer who was wrongfully accused of murder and who was released after 20 years in prison. Sad story, great movie starring Denzel Washington. In Florida in September, “hurricane” means the beast lurking offshore, ready to huff and puff and blow your roof off.

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I’ve lived on the East Coast of Florida for over 32 years, and survived a lot of gnarly storms. We’ve evacuated, or toughed it out at home through six major hurricanes and countless close-calls. Beautiful though the coast may be, as soon as the weather channels start declaring a hurricane alert, my heart sinks.

As this post is published, Hurricane Dorian may be getting ready to land on Florida’s coast, either close to us or far, but still wreaking havoc on people’s lives. Damn you, hurricanes! They make it hard to focus on Getting Visible.

To keep my mind calm, I chose a simple black woven jumpsuit, by Banana Republic and found on eBay for about $20. I had it hemmed to a trendy length, and I love the easy but not sloppy fit. I’ve also had a wee glass of tequila.

My octopus tee (similar) is trying to escape but only a couple of tentacles have snaked their way out. The shoes are comfortable wedges by Sofft. And I double-braceleted again, with my beaded name bracelet and Bryan’s sweet old ID cuff.

Here I give my special finger to my usually beloved ocean. The ocean can be a beast!

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  1. I hope it wasn’t too bad there for you, people near me lost power. We just got a little wind and rain. I feel for the poeple in the bahamas

    • Hi Stephanie and thanks for linking up. We didn’t lose power, and my heart is breaking for people in the Bahamas. Your post is great, I love that you took your clothing into your own clever hands! xox

  2. Keep safe Patti – we’re reading about the danger over the pond in the UK. It must be scary – good luck and take care x

    • thank you dear Penny – the storm has just passed us this morning, and the relief is enormous. Thoughts for those still in its path. Your cruise looks joyful – and the smaller ships sound like a great choice! xox

    • It is a good song, isn’t it? Thanks for the kind words, and have a wonderful week, xox.

    • thanks so much for thinking of me, Linda! You look terrific in your dark floral camisole, xox.

  3. I’ve been thinking of you, Patti, as this terrible hurricane sits off the coast. I believe it’s expected to hit late tonight, so stay safe. Love your calm jumpsuit outfit!

    xx Darlene

    • Thank you dear Debbie and thanks for coming by. Shopping with your daughter sounds like a whale of a good time! xox

  4. Many thanks Patti for hosting Visible Monday at this time, a valiant effort and you certainly look good in that outfit. I hope you and your family and community stay safe.

    • Thank you, jill, and thanks for linking up with your gorgeous, colorful look. Stay well, xox.

    • Many thanks, Suzanne, for the good thoughts. The cats are so happy to not have evacuated (they know nothing, what bliss). And I’m so happy the pug is okay. xox

    • Thank you, Cheryl and thanks for coming over. Love the leopard coat you’re showing today! xox

  5. LOL, here’s to a glass of tequila and giving the ocean the finger, Patti! I hope that hurricane huffs and puffs and blows itself out before it reaches you, but sending good vibes and calm breezes, just in case.

    Thank you so much for hosting Visible Monday! Rock and roll, my dear!

    • Thanks so much, Sheila for the happy thoughts! And thanks for coming over with your fabulous style finds, xox.

  6. Stay safe Patti! I just saw on the news that an evacuation was ordered in US coastal towns, and the destruction in the Bahamas… I hope you’re safe and sound snd staying out of harm’s way.

    • Thank you Tiina and thanks for coming over! I am a modified curly girl too, and only wash twice a week. Your curls look fab! xox

  7. You look wonderful in that jumpsuit with peek-a-boo octopus. I can’t imagine facing those kind of storms. And being dressed for it too. You are too cool, Patti.

    • Thank you, Pao! The winds are picking up now, and the wine is disappearing : > Love your hot house dress in a summer fabric. xox

  8. Iconic song. I never knew what it was about, so thank you for that. Hope you have escaped the hurricane – it looked like a strong one on the news in the UK.

    • Thanks Alison – so our bit of a blow has made the UK news too! Thanks for the beauty advice, and for coming by, xox.

  9. It’s hard to focus on style with a big, huge storm in the neighbourhood. I think you’ve chosen a fantastic outfit for waiting and I love the escaping arms. I wish it would just hurry and get over with. I hope you are spared. Thanks for the valiant linkup party in the face of this.

    • I know, right! About the “get it over with” part. It’s like someone’s definitely going to punch you in the nose, but we’re not sure when or how hard. Thanks for coming by and bringing your ruffled fab-itude, xox.

    • Thanks for your kind thoughts, Julie, and for coming by. I adore the platform sneakers you featured today, xox.

  10. I’ve lived in the San Diego area for 43 years. We have three major threats in our area. First, earthquakes. We have felt many temblors over the years. San Diego has, however, never had major damage. Emotions are always heightened after the event. How should we better prepare for the “inevitable event”? Second, wildfires. We were told to evacuate several years ago. We were a half block from the outside perimeter. We evacuated. We were told we overreacted. Third, stupid drivers during heavy rains. Mostly we can avoid this, but not always.
    My sister in Denver is fearful of hail/lightening during the summers, snow and black ice during the winters and stupid drivers during both of those times.
    Many of us these days are fearful of mass shootings or people crazed from opioid addictions….or high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. Mostly I think of the Serenity Prayer and try hard to not go to the funeral before the day of the funeral as Valerie Harper said.

    • Oh I love that quote from Valerie Harper, RIP. You’re right of course, into each of our lives some rain will fall. xox

  11. Hurricane forecasts have tremenduously improved since Katrina. It’s critically important that emergency personal and weather forecaster work well together to protect the people. Having plans for a range of landfall sides is important as the exact point is a couple of kilometers uncertain due to uncertainty in initial conditions of the models as well as the many parameterizations in the models. I hope you will be fine.

    • Thank you Nicole. I know you’re a top-notch weather scientist, so I always pay attention to what you have to say! I completely agree that several backup plans are needed in a major weather event. xox

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