How To Style A Linen Tank: Visible Monday

How to style a custom-made linen tank top. There are a handful of pieces that make up my core summer wardrobe (our summer is six months long, so maybe two hands-full 😊). Lightweight cotton skirts, trousers and tees, sandals, sunscreen, and a couple of tank tops are my usuals.

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I found this linen tank-with-some-attitude on Etsy (linking for love, I paid full price). The seller creates your clothing per your order, how groovy is that? The style tank I chose can be made shorter or longer, and comes in twenty-five (yes!) colors. Trust me to start with black, heh.

I adore the tie-tops that make this tank even more customize-able. The small ruffle at the hem adds personality too. The material and workmanship are excellent.

You saw these high-waist trousers just a couple of weeks ago; they are in my “favorites” rotation. The vintage 1970’s necklace (sim) is a gift from my friend Bryan, it was his late mom’s. He says she was a stylish woman, and I believe him!

These Sofft sandals are also in high rotation; I may need to replace them soon – with the same shoes. They are so comfortable and give me a little height.
A hat to shade my tender skin, I mean fur.

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  1. Great style looks so amazing now i understood y u love this outfit as this is so fantastic..!

    • Thank you, shelley! I agree, a bit of detail can change up a very basic piece. Hope your week is going well, xox

  2. Oh, my heavens to mergatroid, I love this outfit. The pants, the tank, the necklace! ::swoon:: I was just looking up patterns for tanks like the one you’re wearing. I may have to save myself the time and get it from the lady you found on Etsy! And then I need to find some great striped pants…and a fabulous necklace…. Can I copy you???


    • Yes, I am flattered beyond belief that you want to copy me. I love your inspired rocker look today – those boots! thanks for bringing the funk, xox.

    • thanks Suzanne – will be looking for you and your matchless style. Yeah, I wear the hat most every day, it’s become part of my head. xox

    • Thanks Stephanie and thanks for linking up. Your deep green lace dress is gorgeous! xox

  3. Six months of Summer! You lucky girl! And you’re certainly looking ready for it in your outfit, which is cool in both senses of the word. That pendant is stunning! xxx

    • thank you Ann. Your new specs and your walk in the park are so lovely! xox

  4. Patti, that outfit has the perfect summer vibe! What a find on Etsy. I forget to look there but you’re so right–you can find adorable things that they often customize!

    xx Darlene

    • Yeah, Etsy is really a treasure-trove. Thanks for linking up, and enjoy your Memorial Day! xox

  5. Now that’s the best…having something made for you to your specifications, Patti. That’s kinda what I get when my mom sews for me. It goes to show how lucky I am.

    • Yes, your Mom makes terrific pieces! Thanks for coming over, love your lime green summer top. xox

  6. What an outfit, the cami top is lovely and well worth the investment and Bryan’s mum’s pendant is gorgeous, just like you!

    • Thank you my friend. You are absolutely lovely in your white + floral dress! I hope Jon is much better today. xox

    • Thank you Amy! I love your round-up of favorite Memorial Day looks – happy holiday to you, xox.

  7. Such a pretty linen cami , how wonderful to get it custom made for you. With those pants it makes just the right outfit for your hot Summer days. Glad Kitty is sun smart too.Many thanks for hosting.

    • thank you Jill. And on the other side of the world, you are rocking the cold-weather pieces! Love those new boots. xox

    • Thank you Senora. I’m loving your colorful layers, esp the pink gingham blouse! xox

    • Thank you dear Nancy! I look forward to seeing all the jumpsuit looks at your blog, xox.

    • Thank you for coming over and sharing your looks, Nicole. I enjoyed your post about how to style summer outfits! xox

    • Hey Becky! Thanks for your kind words – I just spritz it with fabric softener and toss in the dryer for ten minutes. I don’t have an iron : > xox

    • Thank you Carmen! You’re so gorgeous in front of the blossoms, xox.

    • Thanks Shirley and thanks for coming by – I love it that you create your own clothes! xox

    • Hey Sheila – that jumpsuit is indeed amazing and you are wonderfully Visible! xox

  8. ooo Patti, you look so smart and classy. All the accessories really make the ensemble shine. And your kitty cat looks divine with the hat.

    • thank you Pao. Loving your ivory layers today, like a garden goddess! xox

  9. It’s so great that you got a custom made tank. The shoulder straps and ruffle are nice details. I say pay full price if you get exactly what you want!

    • Thanks Kim, your coral trousers look great and I love the gladiator sandals, xox.

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