How To Make-Up Like The Queen: My Custom Lipstick

Does the Queen wear custom lipstick? I guessed yes. Anyway, I don’t consider myself High Maintenance or beauty royalty. I can get up and out the door in 20 minutes, including shower, if I need to. But when I walked past this shop in SoHo, I knew I wanted one: a lipstick color designed just for me.


BITE Lip Lab on Prince Street in Soho

It was a blast – I had so much fun I forgot to take pictures of the process. So I borrowed some from the Bite site and I can tell you, this is just how it rolls. You meet your lipstick advisor – Brigid for me – and chat about your favorite shades. Whatever it is, they will have it, from noir to ivory. I said I prefer a true red with slightly orange undertones. Brigid started painting on her palette.


I was able to try all of the mixes and give a verdict on each. We went bluer, then yellow-er, and arrived at a gorgeous shade that made my lips pop. You can choose from among four finishes – I chose matte – and from eight flavors (Cherry for me). It stays on for hours – it’s not one of those 24 hour lipsticks – and when it fades, it looks like a pale wash of color, not a harsh lip outline.


Brigid did her magic chemistry, heating, shaping and cooling. It was fascinating to watch a lipstick being born.


I even got to choose the shape of my lipstick tube. Here’s my finished creation, along with my personal “formula.” Brigid can send me new lipsticks in “my” shade anytime, but I think I’ll wait till my Spring trip to NYC and design a new color. You’ll be seeing this one in lots of future posts:


And the trip is unfinished until I pose in front of the Washington Square Arch, built in 1892 and modeled after the Arc de Triomphe in Paris:


Stay fabulous,

Browse some NYC lips and outerwear:

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  1. What an amazing service – the Patti is born!
    And I love your Washington Square photos – your happy place! xxx

  2. Such a great idea and a trully beautiful color you have created. Now everytime you wear it you will feel satisfied and special. That’s what a good lipstic does. Of course no man will ever understand. But that’s fine, we don’t want to see a world war starting over a secret lipstick formula, haha!

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