How To Look Fab In Aqua At Any Age

One of  my favorite colors – in addition to my beloved black, ivory, gray, and navy – is pale teal or aqua. It’s flattering to most everyone, at any age, as you’ll see below. And as per usual, the Visible Women of Visible Monday give inspiration and ideas on how to wear this summer-y color.
As always, the first tip is: wear pale aqua if you like it. It’s wonderful as an accent, a formal dress/jacket, a pendant or bracelet, or a casual tee or tank. It makes a wonderful purse, or light jacket, or nail color too.
Always room in my closet for this feminine, soft color:

Daenel of Living Outside The Stacks takes the color all the way in this super-pretty aqua dress. I love the zippers at the shoulders and her brocade clutch too:


Debbie of Fashion Fairy Dust looks fabulous in this pale aqua peplum tank. The color really suits redheads, and Debbie adds a pretty pendant in a similar shade.


Pam of Grey Is The New Black rocks a lovely aqua print blouse and a summer bag with aqua trim. If you don’t want to go full-on color, a purse or piece of jewelry does the trick. And, I need this kitty:


Catherine of Not Dressed As Lamb does a more formal take on pale teal. Her floral embossed jacket is a perfect dressy summer piece. Catherine’s red hair really glows against this jacket. Loving the floral trousers as well:


I love and wear the color too, as in this linen cropped tank. It pairs well, surprisingly, with my olive skirt. Necklace created by the talented Suzanne Carillo:

How do you like your aqua?

Stay fabulous,

Here’s more aqua treasures for any age:

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  1. Patti, thank you for including me in this list. What a pleasant surprise! I would never of thought to pair it with olive. Love that combination. This is not one of those colors I have a lot of in my closet but I do like it.

  2. Interesting. Everyone looks good in this (including you). I’ve never tried the color. Never imagined it as possible for me.

  3. These are all lovely outfits.

    I don’t have much of this colour in my closet. I prefer jewel tones over pastels.


  4. Today 3 women visiting a conference are all in aqua, ciral, yellow & white. Caught my eye since I had a bracelet set in those colors in a blog post last week and have been working on an aqua board on Pinterest since Friday. Love how you are showing it!

  5. Oh dear. This is my obsession color and you have linked to a new crop of things I will need to check out. Great post.

  6. These ladies all look so great. These posts are so inspirational!
    I like more of a turquoise (same thing, different name?), and I think it goes really well with coral. For some reason, that combination, or either of them alone with white, are classic summer. I saw Catherine Deneuve in some movie where she was on a beach wearing a loose turquoise (aqua?) sweater and white pants. Love it.

    • Yes I think Pale turquoise is another name for it! Would be lovely with white trousers. xo

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