Expressing Yourself: Over-40 Women Lead The Way

Dressing is a way of expressing ourselves. It’s a wonderful one, because we can do it every day, and we can change our expressing whenever we feel like it. We can convey joy, boldness, introversion, fantasy, creativity, and confidence.

As per always, the fabulous women of Visible Monday offer inspiration on how to express yourself, at any age. Please let me know if you like these styles, and how you choose to express yourself through your clothing. And wear what you love every day, so you can feel as awesome as you truly are.

Wear the boldest color you can find: Glenda of So What To Twenty looks amazing in brilliant bright yellow. She is introducing us here to her new site, Style with Glenda K. Harrison. Glenda continues to inspire with both her writing and her incredible personal style.


Make a simple and classic piece really sing: Sheila of Ephemera started with a chic, simple jumpsuit and made it come alive with an obi belt, lime green sandals, and her own fabulous purple hair. I love the statement eyeglasses too.


Go ahead, get the colorful trousers and pair them with classic pearls: Anna of Looking Fabulous At 50 is not shy about showing us her amazing new striped trousers. She kept the look classic on top, with a black button down blouse and long string of pearls.


Wear vintage treasures: Vix of Vintage Vixen expresses herself in vintage pieces every day, and she inspires us to look beyond retail stores, to create our own unique look. Here she is slaying it in a 1970’s tiered maxi dress, 1960’s lace-up vest, and Boho headband. And a fab collection of sewing machines, why not?


Go for a”fantasy” outfit when you feel like it: Suzanne of Suzanne Carillo Style is in a sultry flamenco mood, since she found this jaw-dropping dance dress at, believe it or not, the thrift store. She is a gorgeous example of using clothing to play out our fantasies when we so choose. And the flower in her hair!


Stay fabulous, keep expressing your truth, and wear what you love,

Some well-priced beauties and inspirations to browse:

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  1. I love the color and confident style of these women. Pretty hard to resist the temptation to add more volor for FALL!

  2. I love how all these fabulous ladies express themselves through the way they dress. Some of them I didn’t know yet, so I’ll definitely check them out. Thanks for sharing xxx

    • Thanks, Mel – I could feature you every day of the week, you’re so expressive. xo

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