Do You Have A “Seasonal” Budget?

This post is a revival of one I wrote almost exactly six years ago (when I was 56, and worried about getting old, heh!) I’ve updated the details, but it’s still true.

I’ve been envious of women (usually fictional or famous women) in magazines and blogs who purchase their seasonal wardrobes all at a swoop. They are quoted saying things like “I divide my annual clothing budget, and spend half on my fall/winter wardrobe, and half on my spring/summer.” I feel inadequate as I contemplate my seasonal shopping plan, which sounds more like this:

I want those boots that Suzanne’s wearing!
If it ever gets cold here, I can justify a nice gray cashmere sweater.
Hmmmm – holes in all my tights, must replace.
I’m bored – what’s on sale at Anthro?
Thrift store is open!!

Despite the mental chaos, I don’t have a haphazard wardrobe. I have a beloved, if smallish, collection of skirts and dresses, and modern, feminine tops. I have good jeans and tees, a couple of pairs of leather boots that I love, and stylish oxfords and booties. Some vintage bracelets and necklaces, a few funky belts, and about a dozen scarves. I have two or three nice-looking handbags at any given time.

So, living in a region with just two seasons — hot (eight months), and pleasantly cool — I don’t need to do a lot of seasonal shopping. But hey, I’m a blogger, I’m seduced by the “You Need New Clothes for Fall!” meme. I also try to stay stylish, without going trend crazy. So I’ll indulge, I’m sure, in some new fall clothes, because it’s September, and like GEICO, that’s what you do.

I am looking at these awesome mules, by Jeffrey Campbell:


I might like a beaded sweater, because they’re so 1950’s, and so feminine. Finding a vintage cardigan would be lovely.


And maybe an updated, embroidered denim jacket, to wear every day:

seasonal jacket

Do you have a seasonal wardrobe budget? Or are you more random, like me? Do you just shop year-round for what you need/love?

Stay fabulous, and wear what you love every day,

More Fall inspiration, it’s what you do  : > :

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  1. I am in the “random purchases” camp with you. I don’t have a clothing budget – basically if I have the money, I buy it. As an avid thrift shopper like you and Suzanne, we know that you have to buy it when you see it.

  2. Much like the “sea food” diet (see food, eat food) my seasonal shopping budget is “see it, buy it”. That’s one of the reasons I don’t/didn’t get all the hype about the Nordstrom sale. I hadn’t seen enough of what will be in the stores to justify spending so much so soon and before the weather was cool enough to wear the clothing.


  3. Ha ha! That GEICO commercial killed me : P

    Clothing budget…hmmmm…nope. Ha ha! Budgets and me don’t get along.

    I’m very much like you, looking around all the time…seeing what my heart my fancies. Plus when you thrift shop most of the time you kind of have to be on the hunt all the time. Otherwise all the best pieces get scooped up by someone else! Quelle horreur!

    BTW I just got back from shopping at Talize and there was a Badgley Mischka there that I could have had for $15. I didn’t buy it because there were a couple of small stains and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to remove them. Plus I’m not sure how many people buy high end floor length gowns meant for the Oscars on Etsy. If it fit me I might have bought it just to swoon around the kitchen in. I’m sad I had to leave it behind though. It was incredible and utterly impractical.


    • oh I want to see that gown! Totally agree that we thrifters have to strike when we can. I picked up a soft, drape-y blouse today at Molly Mutt for $2. My coffee cost more! xo

  4. I do not have a clothing budget but as I usually frequent second hand shops, I don’t really need one. Bulk buying a season’s outfit in one go actually sounds horrible to me. Love that beaded cardigan … xxx

  5. People have a clothing budget? Really? My clothing budget looks like this…..opens wallet, peers inside and, nope, no clothing budget hiding in there. Lol! My buying routine looks kind of like this……goes into Academy for hubs to purchase sports thingy for him and stumbles into an extra 50% off the lowest marked price and, after two hours, walks out with $400 worth of clothing for $46. Or I wander into Ross looking for a pair of Converse for myself and walk out with the perfect Calvin Klein 3/4 length sleeve black cardigan. The $1.49 a pound Goodwill store yeilds some fabulous vintage finds and I go about once a month or so to see what I can stumble across. I dress well even though most days are denim days and buy a few things here in there to stay in the fashion loop but I refuse to spend a big chunk of money on what I wear.

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