Change Your Specs, Change Your Hair, Stay Fab

My friends at are so cool. I have received reading glasses from them before and loved the styles as well as the quality. I went on to purchase some more on my own, as I now need readers in every room of the house, and in my purse, office, car, and pocket.

Recently invited me to try some specs from their Make A Statement collection. OK, said I, having recently sat on a favorite pair. I chose the following styles, and model them for you whilst wearing my latest hair-hat, a curly number from (I’m not affiliated with them, I just like their hair).

The Ginger in Red Multi. Bold and beautiful. And under $16.
Reading the scandalous Sexual Pleasure in Marriage, copyright 1959.
The Ivy in Tortoise. Classic color with a modern shape. And, rhinestones. $15!
More suitable reading material here.
My favorite, The Mallory in black, with rhinestones at the temple. Under $15.
Check here to see the extra-fab temples on these.

Also very fetching:

The Annabelle in Fuschia, for the daring.

I use readers as a fashion accessory, and like to change colors/styles regularly. I am starting to do the same with my hair. Why not have a head accessory as well, to express my mood. Stop over at for the former and Hairsisters for the latter. Be fabulous, be you.

N.B. The reading glasses were provided by, but the opinions are my own.

Friendly reminder: Visible Monday starts Sunday, March 9th at around 5PM. Be there for all the visible festivities!

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  1. ooh, I could be tempted by the fuchsia glasses…..lovely!

  2. So fun! So you and I modeling the readers, also a fun deal. I wish like you , I could wear them as a fashion accesory, but I am blind without my prescription glasses. I think you picked fab styles! If you have time, perhaps you can check out my styles I posted Mon and Wed. I will be there at Visable Monday as well 🙂

  3. Nice to see you in other settings and pose Patti, you are such an adorable Lady!
    I will see Monday !
    Have a great weekend


  4. Patti, I have basically been on a blog diet since 9/30/13, but I had to cheat today. You crack me up! Miss you!!! xoxo

  5. Wow Patti, you look amazing. Love the glasses and the hair o la la.

  6. How gorgeous you look in all of these glasses, Patti, though I especially like the Ivy and Mallory pairs. And your additional curls look amazing! So funny to see your expression at the scandalous information included in Sexual Pleasure in Marriage – who knew?! And your beautiful smile lights up a photo whatever you're wearing. xxx

  7. Glasses? Are you wearing glasses? All I see is that fab hair. It's so different and I always love to see people shake it up. So much fun. I see you in rhinestone bell bottoms and a flowy floral chiffon top with big beads, and white platform shoes. But I could see you in that without the hair hat too… Of course I like any glasses with rhinestones.

  8. You look great in all of them but I like the Mallory best too. It seems to really suit you. Love the hair hat!

  9. OH MY GOSH, I love that hair-hat! How freakin' fabulous is that? Patti, you are my idol. The specs are also quite fabulous – you picked great ones that really suit you.

    I will be at Visible Monday, for sure! I have two parties in one night tomorrow night, so it will be something creative and crazy!

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