Life-Altering Fashion Wisdom! And Vis Monday Reminder

OK, not life-altering. I read an article about how to make your blog titles sexier and more magnetic. I did, however, find some non-life-altering fashion tidbits in a little book, I Want To Be Her! How Friends and Strangers Helped Shape My Style by Andrea Linnett.

Ms. Linnett does a fashion autobiography in a whimsical tone, focusing on her style heroines over the years. They range from her grade school friend Amy/Elizabeth, to co-workers at Lucky magazine, to famous models of the 90’s. There are no photos, only charming illustrations. And little nuggets of style advice. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Sometimes a teeny dash of bad taste can be sexy in the mix.
  • Don’t fall for every trend in the book.
  • Biker boots can sometimes be sexier than heels.
  • It’s never too late to re-invent yourself, even if it just means cutting your hair.
  • Wear what you love. Don’t be afraid to take chances.

Have a wonderful Saturday, take some chances, and stay fabulous,

Friendly reminder: Visible Monday starts tomorrow at around 5PM. Be there for all the visible revelry!

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  1. Love her advice! I've learned to just let some trends slide by me for sure! Think I need to get some biker boots!

  2. Those are definitely great bits of sartorial wisdom. Style is beyond trends and fashion. I adore biker boots, though they are a bit trendy right now, so what to do!? LOL Does one know if one has bad taste? It's one thing to ironically use something in an outfit, but then that in itself is a very unsubtle sort of style and not all of us are like that. So should I be deliberately adding something that is tacky or do I just hope that something I like actually is in poor taste? 😉

  3. I love the quote about biker boots. I agree. It is always funny what my husband finds sexy. As an example he loves when I wear my readers and am reading… It seems to be way more about the subtle than the overt. Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Sure, nothing wrong with a bit of reinventive bad taste and a pair of badass biker boots! And as for trends… Well, they come and they go, and wearing works for us and what we love is much, much more fun than being a fashion slave! xxxx

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