I Am Not A Walking Logo: Visible Monday

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I don’t often wear anything with a logo, but there are exceptions: I like Levi’s jeans with their tough-girl leather patch, and Sandy has a cool North Face jacket (from the thrift) that makes him feel ever-so-special. Weakness: If i had a Chanel 2.55 bag, I would wear it and be smug chic every day.

Welcome to Visible Monday. If you want to participate, it’s so easy: just go to the bottom of this post for the how-to. Link back to Not Dead Yet Style if you like – we’re on Easy Does It “rules” now!

This ironic tee by Mango (thrifted, similar) is just street enough to make me smile. What if I styled it with a full-on Juicy jogging suit and out-there Fendi purse. Would that be too literal? I like clothes that make me happy, a logo is not important one way or another. But if I do it, I’m gonna go big.

Love my new tee with a swooshy floral midi skirt and combat-style boots. The vintage cuff is from Citizen Rosebud‘s shop.

I did try out a sample lipstick that came in an order from Sephora. No big logo, but it is Dior Rouge matte lipstick in Mysterious. It’s a touch too dark for me, but it’s the bomb when blotted. I ordered a slightly lighter color, Hypnotic Matte, as a guilty pleasure.

Really, I’m not!


Now, let’s see what’s in your closet, Visible Women.

The guidelines to participate in the Visible Monday Link-Up are so simple:

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Stay fabulous and wear what you love,


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  1. That skirt is fabulous and I love the logo on your top. I couldn’t agree more.
    When I met Jon (as an adult, we were at school together as 5 year olds) he had a hole in his tee shirt – What’s that all about? I asked him. It used to say Levis’, he told me and I don’t advertise for free. I knew he was the man for me. You can tell great design from 100 paces, if you need a logo to point it out then there’s something wrong! xxx

  2. I love the role that your Doc. Martens play in so many of your looks Patti!!
    I’m up and down on logos but mostly I just don’t care and don’t think they’re attractive.

  3. I prefer not wearing logos either and I need a short like that. Your a-line skirt is gorgeous and I see a Carrie Bradshaw inspired look here!

  4. I’ve never been a logo person either. I love certain brands, like Gucci, but one at a time usually. Love your tee Patti! And, I was so happy to hear about your good news with your skin cancer. I, too, was a sun worshipper and am starting to pay with it with all the spots and wrinkles!


  5. Hahahaha logo mania is very much alive, kicking, and very well loved in Asia 😛 I, for one, steered clear away. I mean, parading a discreet Fendi or Prada or Gucci is one thing but being decked from head to toe in logos is just too loud, even for me 🙂 and that’s why your tee shirt is worth its weight in gold, Patti!!! Have fun parading that one around xoxo

  6. I’m not a big logo gal myself but all that went out the window when you mentioned Chanel! Ha ha! I have a dream of owning a vintage Chanel suit. ::swoon::

    Dreams aside, your real, tangible outfit is a look I love. How fresh and fabulous you look in your kick-booty tee, floral skirt, and Doc Martens. I love the whole juxtaposition of feminine florals with cheeky, edgy attitude. The lipstick is fun too! I’m in search of a color I can’t live without for daily wear but so far I haven’t found “the one.”


  7. I never wear any logos, but I’m loving your cheeky tee, especially combined with that oh-so-feminine floral skirt. I’m a bit of a lipstick addict, it’s the best pick-me-up ever! xxx

  8. I love this pairing today Patti. The tee shirt is perfect styled with that pretty skirt and yet will look great with your boyfriend jeans too. I’ve recently bought a logo tee which isn’t something I have many of, so will be hoping to find a novel way of styling that too in due course.

    Thanks for the link up party!
    Anna x

  9. Fun graphic tee! It looks fab with your floral skirt and Doc Martins. Haha – if I had a Chanel bag I would probably carry it all the time, too!

  10. I adore that tee and sometimes it might actually be true for me. The skirt and boots are awesome. Loving everything about this look. I am a brand loyal, if it feels good I wear it regardless of the logo ( but sometimes the logo is fun) Hop over to A Labour of Fashion on Thursday’s.

  11. Hahaha, your T-shirt is great! I think it’s pretty sad-funny that we pay for an item and then the company expects us to wear their logo and advertise them for free. Puh. We are unpaid billboards! Heh. Thanks for the linkup, Patti.

  12. We all need a swooshy floral skirt! Swoon. Agree with you 100% on logos Patti, it looks very ostentatious even with the most prestigious brands. I do a ittle Levi’s here and North Face there, but never Chanel or any of the others. Not that I have much of their stuff, to be honest!

  13. I am with you on the Chanel bag – mine will never happen. Your tee is cute with the floral skirt and boots. Enjoy that new lippy, so good on you .

  14. Patti, I am with you on wearing clothes that make me happy! Your outfit makes me smile – such a wonderful floral skirt, looking great with combat boots and simple tee. And I’m sure the logo will start some fun conversations! Have a fantastic week! <3

  15. I dislike logos too – but I love this tee! I like the lippy on you – very nice.

    Thanks for hosting, Patti!

  16. Great outfit! T-shirts should be ironic, with or without logos. Although, given that logos tend to be rather expensive, I’d say a Chanel bag is the mist cost-effective way to add logos to an outfit: it looks good with anything…

  17. Your ironic tee makes me smile too! And that skirt, a very pretty floral! You are just a doll!

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