How To Style Your Hats, At Any Age

I haven’t worn hats very often, because: I have a huge head (not kidding, it’s about 23″ around), and hats flatten my curls. I do love a Fall/Winter beret, and of course a wide brimmed sunhat for protection. But many women wear hats like a second skin, natural and beautiful and graceful. The Visible Women of Visible Monday are certainly in that group, and provide inspiration.

As always, the first tip is: wear hats when you want to, and own the look.

And there’s always room in my closet for a big brimmed hat:

First among equals is the fabulous Judith of Style Crone, who has made exquisite hats her signature. She once owned a hat shop and now has a remarkable collection in her home – a hat room! Make sure you visit Judith’s monthly Hat Attack, to see her newest creation and to link up your own hat look. This week she chose to look mysterious in a black brimmed hat.

Jill of Grown Up Glamour chose a herringbone Fedora to keep with her theme of black and white. The hat adds a distinctive and memorable accent. Love the shoes.

Jenny from A Pocketful Of Polkadots chose a tweed newsboy cap, casual and modern, to complement her fun stripes and denim. She and our next three Visible Women were part of a “Fab 40’s” challenge to style a hat with their chosen outfit.


Sheela of Sheela Writes is  alluring and invokes a Victoriana vibe. She chose a hot pink veiled hat to top off her steampunk look. Fabulous.


Samantha of Fake Fabulous wears a men’s fedora and looks so captivating. Love her lapel pins too.

How do you like your hats?

Stay fabulous,

Here’s more fab choices for any age:

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  1. Thank you Patti for the inclusion in this great article on wearing hats at any age.I have always loved hats but find I wear them so much more now than when I was younger, I think this goes with the joy of dressing for yourself that comes with age.

  2. I really enjoyed this post spotlighting the wonderful women of Visible Monday in hats. Hats are such a great accessory, (if you like to wear them), and I am inspired to pull out some of mine, and give them a try. I so wish I had some fabulous curls to squish, but alas, my hair is naturally straight as a board!

    • She must have a system – we’ll have to ask her. I pack just one crushable hat for NYC. xo

  3. Love the styles 🙂 I find hats a real necessity down here. The sun is so strong it burns my head if I am not wearing a sun safe hat so I have a collection and wear them outdoors. As an aside all schoolchildren must wear hats in summer/autumn but in northern Australia all year round. Melanoma is a deadly cancer of which we have more than our share here down under.

  4. Thank you so much Patti, for your feature on hats. And for including Style Crone! I love the looks on the gorgeous women in this post and the “fabulous choices for any age” that you featured. xo

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