Give Your Outfits A Lift

Give your every day outfits a lift. I’ve been re-reading and enjoying a vintage 1983 fashion/style book, Looking, Working, Living Terrific 24 Hours a Day (mouthful!) by Emily Cho. It was recommended by a fellow blogger many years ago. The book is dated in most of the specific fashion advice — lots of bow-tie blouses, e.g. — but it offers a handful of time-tested style tips.

I especially enjoyed Ms. Cho’s list of “Little Lifts” for your wardrobe. Here are some of them I would definitely use, and recommend for Autumn 2021 outfits:

  • Button your cardigan, and belt it. OK, not rocket-science, but it does give me an additional way to style a cardi, more like a soft jacket. A cardigan can look like a blouse, or add a belt, and it’s a polished jacket. Brilliant.
Here’s a cozy modern cardigan that would look cool belted too.
  • Twist two contrasting scarves together before tying them around your neck. I keep wanting to try this, and forgetting to do so on my way out the door. It sounds like fun, and no sewing required.
  • Fold over the top of your boots for a new look. I hadn’t though of this, but I have a couple of soft pair that this might work with.
I’m loving these smooth camel boots by Kaanas.
  • A fabric flower in leather or silk is a nice touch. Indeed. I love the idea of a leather flower for Fall/Winter.
Just pin this on your denim jacket for some personal flair.
  • If you can’t figure out the right shoe to wear with a skirt, boots work best. So true. Boots make most any outfit more modern and chic.

“A woman makes an outfit her own with accessories.”

-Oscar de le Renta

Staying with the keep-it-simple, make-it-fun theme, I’d add these little lifts:

  • Colored tights, or even gray or textured black, will make any look more interesting.
  • A bold cuff bracelet is a fun touch, even if you’re not a big accessory-lover.
If you prefer cool tones, here’s an outfit-maker cuff.
  • Mix a winter pattern skirt (hounds-tooth, checks, pinstripes) with a floral blouse or sweater if you’re feeling bolder. I started doing this when I created my blog in 2011, and it’s too much fun to stop.
  • Mix moods, if you feel like it. Wear a floaty chiffon skirt with a chunky sweater and add boots. We don’t have to be matchy anymore, yay!

Style is a simple way of saying complicated things.

Jean Cocteau

I know you have some little lifts you’re using this season to make your outfits more fun. Please share in the comments!

Stay fabulous, xo

Wear what you love, always. Here are some goodies to browse:


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  1. Hey Patti, thanks. Due to work from home and all these pandemic crises I have been out of fashion ideas for a very long time. Those vintage ideas really help me for my next shopping trip.
    Ozel Tailor

  2. At this time of year, I wear a lot of my “spooky” jewelry: a bug necklace, a spider ring, an anatomical heart leather brooch or locket! It makes me happy to indulge in a little Hallowe’en fun in my accessories.

    That’s all great advice there, Patti!

    • Hey Sheila! I love Halloween jewelry, and you are one who can truly rock it. Thanks for coming over and stay fab, xx.

  3. Thanks, Patti, for the “little lift” suggestions. Because I am not going out as much since the pandemic began, my lift has been to wear blouses, sweaters and earrings – my favorite accessory- at home that in the past I saved for going out. It’s fun to get a bit dressed up for myself and my husband.

    • Hi Anne and thanks for coming by. It’s lovely that you enjoy dressing up while at home – why not enjoy the pretty things every day? Stay well, xx.

  4. Enjoyed your post thank you. In retirement one has so much extra time to creatively style outfits and giving outfits that little lift also makes me feel more attractive and happy when I go out and about for the day. I really enjoy belts there are so many beautiful options available new and lovely vintage belts enjoyed in the past by another. A beautiful belt adds so much to a look be it a sweater, tunic ,jacket, dress etc.The current belt trend has even helped me stay on an exercise and diet plan so I can rock the look and close the belt.

    • Hello Joan and I hope you’re doing well! thanks for coming by – and your reminder about using a vintage belt is wonderful. Have a great day, xx.

  5. Oh, wow Patti; that’s a blast from the past! I thought I was at my style peak in 1983, wearing all those bow tie blouses and high wasted pants. Well, I’m seeing a lot of 80’s styles again and will do my best to work some of them back into my wardrobe like you’ve suggested. I think I’m going to first try the jewel toned colours like emerald green, royal blue, and amethyst.

    • Hi Kerri-Lee and thanks for your comments. That’s the year I thought I was at my fashion peak too! I love your idea of jewel tones. Have a great day, xx.

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