What I Wore: Subtle Print Mixing And My RBF

There’s a whole lot of fuss about not-much, with regard to the RBF – “resting bitch face.” The New York Times even did a long story about it. And it’s a sexist concept:

a man looks stern, or serious, or grumpy, it’s simply the default,”
said Rachel Simmons, an author and leadership consultant at Smith
College. “We don’t inherently judge the moodiness of a male face. But as
women, we are almost expected to put on a smile. So if we don’t, it’s
deemed ‘bitchy.’ ”
Anna Kendrick and Anna Paquin, via the New York Times.

RBF is an expression a woman makes when she’s not smiling for the camera. It no way implies said woman is a “bitch,” it just shows a normal face that’s not all lit up. So I may or may not be a “bitch” (although I can hold my own), but this here is a face caught right before or after my usual smile. Ain’t no thing.

I really like the outfit: a graphic print tee (thrifted, similar) with gathering down the front, and a faint-polka-dot full skirt (thrifted, sim). I like the way the long tee squishes down the top of the skirt and makes it look super low-waisted.

“G” ring by Wendy Brandes, years-old wedge sandals by Kenneth Cole.
This “creative” photo edit is heavy on yellow and makes me look sunnier.  : >

Stay fabulous, and rest your face any way you like,

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