What I Wore: The Hot Color, In A Cool Way

I wrote last week about how cobalt blue is so hot for Winter. I put my wardrobe where my mouth is, and wore this bold cobalt skirt today. I am so trendy, ladies, stand back!

I kept the whole look very “me” by adding a deep navy flowy top and my black suede dance shoes (thrifted at Goodwill, they actually are dance shoes, by Tara). I so wanted to wear tights but the temps hit 80 degrees today. Where is my Florida winter, I want to know!

The pretty locket necklace was found at a vintage shop in the East Village, NYC. It was a true bargain at $12. I plan to put a picture of one of my kitties in the locket. My husband is pretending to be hurt.

Are you rocking the hot colors, and feeling groovy today? Have a great one.

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  1. You made me laugh out loud, which i totally needed today (I read your posts at the hospital, but my beloved Gen 1 iPad has browser fail big time and I can't comment on most of my fave blogs. Or I do about 8,000 times…). My husband thinks I have more pics of the four-legged fam than the two-legged fam, which is not true. I think.

    I just commented on Sheila's blog that you both have new brilliant blue skirts, which makes me think I need one, and then reminds me that I might have one squished in my tiny closet, and one of the goals of the shopping sabbatical will totes be to find it.

  2. Warm colours for me today! I just love you in blue, Patti, both shades are gorgeous and suit you so well. Who DOESN'T want a pic of their kitty in a locket?!

    Have a lovely weekend.
    PS. Wearing my Rudolph necklace to death! xxxx

  3. I like your smashing blues, two hues mushed together. Perfect. And the delicate locket on top. No hot colours for me today, more cool, and I'm just trying to stay warm.

  4. ha ha! that is too funny you want to put a photo of your kitty in the locket.

    I "think" the blues would really make your eyes pop….but that is just in my head since you have no head today.


  5. Those colours are perfect on you dear Patti! I LOVE the top, so stylish and versatile! Hugs, Beata xxxx

  6. Love this!! Especially the pairing of navy instead of black with the cobalt!! Much more interesting!

  7. Hahahaha, been there. Well, from the neck down, it all looks tip-top as we're used to seeing ^_^

  8. A fab look taken to another dimension with those divine shoes! I'm wearing a psychedelic pink & orange maxi, turquoise boots, a pink poncho and a white sheepskin hat today, so yes i am! xxx

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