What I Wore: Fall Colors and My Favorite Silhouette

We’re a long way from Autumn temperatures here in Florida, but I am shifting to Fall colors in my wardrobe. Just because! A girl does get weary of summer clothes after six months. But heavy wools and knits are just too hot, so I switch instead to Autumn-ish colors and textures, and away from bright whites, airy cottons and sheer blouses.

Olive is one of my favorite colors, and I am in love with this new silk skirt. I bought it online from Talbots, at a terrific sale price of about $30 (it’s now $59). It has a wide smocked waist (really comfortable), side pockets, and it’s my perfect length. My all-time favorite skirt shape is the full, gathered skirt, like this one. It feels so good to walk around in. I expect to give it a lot of wear this Fall and Winter.

I’m crazy for the top too (do I need more interests??). It’s Vivienne by Vivienne Tam, purchased at Ross for about $8 (similar on eBay). I love the slouchy shape. I realize I could be defining my own shape better than I do in this outfit, but I just plain love slouchy-over-full. And I know I will be just as happy/comfortable at the end of the day as I am at 9 AM.

Brown suede pumps: Coldwater Creek, 2009

How do those of you in warm climates make the transition to Fall? And do you have favorite silhouettes that you find yourself drawn to, time after time?

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  1. nice olive outfit! Those shoes are great! I like the cut of that top, I presumed it's black behind. The fabric is gorgeous, I always like the shimmery, cool and soft feel of the silk fabric, except I don't like it that it has to be dry cleaned. 


  2. Oh, my: I am INSANELY envious.  I love those olive and gold tones, and I don't have enough of them in my own closet!  You look mahvelous!

    And yes, I do have a favorite silhouette:  a little fuller on top, but nipped in at the waist, then narrow and straight on bottom (like a classic pencil skirt).  I do love those full skirts on the rest of you, but I just never like them on me.  Not sure if it's a psychological block of some kind, or if it truly doesn't flatter.  

  3. Very nice,  you always look so stylish  and happy!  Olive is a color I like but can't figure out why!
    Please try to stop by and link up to my Polka dot ball link!  I'm determined to make this work.
    Have a good weekend.

  4. I lov e olive color too. You can wear baggy and look fantastic because you are in great shape. Love that skirt!

  5. Thank you! I googled her show and I'm very flattered by the comparison. Love that slouchiness.

  6. I really like the slouchy top. I'm guilty of wearing things that hide my shape just because I love them too. The colors are great on you 🙂

  7. Hi Patti, i absolutely love this color combination and how that skirt looks.
    I think if you wanted to step up the look tucking the top in would look accentuate your nice figure 🙂
    I regards to the transition for summer to fall – well I guess one thing I do is wear less sandals – but for the most part i keep the same wardrobe because at the end it's always hot outside and freezing in the office !

  8. What a beautiful shade of green, it loos gorgeous on you!  You also gave me confidence that people in warmer climates (me) can still have a great fall fashion.

  9. In looking in my closet, it appears that olive is one of my favorites too! Your outfit is very pretty. I love the full skirt on you.
    As you know, we will soon have cold weather, so I don't have to worry about the transition to fall.

  10. I love those colors and to think your scored it at Ross!

    It stays warm in the Mid-Atlantic region a long time.  I move to dark colored cottons. If it's not raining and I need something for chilly mornings I wear a wool sweater.

    If the leaves didn't all fall off the trees and have to be raked it'd be my favorite season!

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