What I Wore: Dressy Becomes Casual

I just wrote about my black tulle skirt, and how it doesn’t count as any ordinary black skirt. It’s got its own personality. “I am not a pencil skirt,” it says.

My style vibe is not very dressy, so I don’t wear this tutu with silk or sequins, but with denim and casual knits. Here I’ve paired it with a striped tee from J. Crew (similar) and some kickin’ booties by Cydwoq.

This says “me”. Dressy mixed with casual and shoes with soul.

My hair is extra dry lately. What have you used on your hair that’s re-hydrated it successfully? Thanks in advance. And have a fantastic Tuesday!

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  1. I have heard that moroccan or arla oil is very good – but can take some effort to get it rinsed out.

  2. Both of my daughters actually leave conditioner in their naturally curly hair. I know, it sounds wrong, but it looks good on them.

    And next year I'm going to wear my black tulle skirt more than once, for sure.

  3. Love the outfit! I use olive oil, then wrap my head in a plastic bag and towel to keep it warm, leave on for an hour. Then wash as usual.

  4. I like the contrast between the casual and the dressy too, it's a great look. And that skirt is a beauty.
    Hope the suggestions for your hair woes are helpful – aren't fellow bloggers a knowledgeable and resourceful lot! xxxx

  5. Grand outfit … so pretty and unexpected and quite perfect! Love, love, love all the pieces separately, and relish how cool your combination is!
    Hair woes! Seems they're rampant this time of year. My poor hair is never too dry, and am fighting for some volume. I'm guessing the suggestions about the various and reportedly miraculous oils are pretty good ones … let us know what happens!

  6. Super cute! love the top. My hair's been dry as well, brushing it a bit more to work the natural oils through, not using products that dry it out. Going au naturel!

  7. Love the way you combined these elements!! The boots are incredible. I love their designs but they don't fit me very well. πŸ™ I'm a total convert to Deva haircare products, especially their "no-poo" shampoo and conditioner. The former feels like conditioner, doesn't lather at all. You work it into your scalp, massage well, rinse and then condition. I also love the lightweight gel, which works for my fine hair. No dryness and everything smells really, really good. Let me know if you try them. I'm curious what you think. XXOO

  8. Perfect, perfect, perfect. And, if you ever tire of it, just send it my way (jk). I think every woman should own a fun tulle skirt, it's so feminine and yet you just should us how easy and fun it is to dress it down.

  9. Totally agree about the moroccan oil – It may be better known as Argan oil. Organix makes a line of shampoo, conditioner and the actual oil. Also a leave-in conditioner may help.

  10. Dry hair is never an issue with me.
    THIS is how you wear a tulle skirt==it's classy, cute but not twee!!

  11. Patti, you wear this tulle skirt wonderfully in casual looks, may it be a lesson to all. Who knew they could be so versatile? Love it. Lately I've been putting heavy oil on my head. Ug. Really, why bother washing it? Totally fried. I've also heard that moroccan oil is a good remedy.

  12. Lovely look Patti, the boots add it a rock chic edge, looks wonderful! As for dry hair, argan oil is amazing! I also really love Kerastase Oleo serum – I am not sure what is in it but it works wonders! Hugs, Beata xxx

  13. Love the tulle skirt. I have natural curly hair that gets very dry and always use a leave in conditioner in my hair. Every other day I use a 3-n-1 cream oil moisturizer and spritz with good ole water and I'm good to go. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

  14. Very nice skirt ! Tulle or lace are good options to look less basic ; I 'm going to sew a lace skirt : I'll put photos on my blog in a few days; have a good week !

  15. Juxtaposition! One of my favorites. And you wear it to perfection. I'm inhaling the ideas in the comments for dry hair. Thanks for putting it out there.

  16. Fabulous look! I love your blog! I have been searching for Fashion Over Fifty blogs for awhile now and I just kept running into 'old lady style' clothes. Your look is so fresh and creative, and definitely not 'old lady', it's just what I've been looking for!

  17. I love it worn like that, the stripes and ankle boots give the skirt some edge and sass.
    I'm a big fan of Lush's Jungle conditioner (its sold in a solid bar, like soap) for taming wild, bushy hair. x

  18. Patti, try moroccan oil on your hair. Put a small amount in your hands and work it gently into hair, particularly the dry ends. You can put it on wet hair or on hair that is already dried and it is great for curls. I love your outfit and agree that a smart tee shirt is a great look for a tulle skirt.

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