What I Wore: Animal Print Sneaks, Black Cat

It’s still steamy outdoors, so here’s another iteration of my summer formula (others here and here): a linen midi skirt and tank top. Today (non-work day) I added a funky belt that I thrifted many years ago – those are seashells sewn on for decoration. I also wore – for the first time in decades – sneakers as casual shoes.

I have been a sneaker-snob I guess, wearing them only for working out. But there are so many fab sneaker-like shoes now, I changed my mind. These are by Keds (similar) and I picked them up in the Revolve consignment store, St. Petersburg. What do you think about sneakers for day-wear?

The linen skirt, by C. P. Shades, was purchased via Thred-Up, my favorite online consignment store. They feature mostly GAP, Old Navy, and J. Crew stuff, but they also have “boutiques” and let you search by your personal style.

 I think a necklace was called for here.
My best boy looking up to me.
King doesn’t look thrilled, but he loves attention. That’s his rug. My faux-bangs are happening today.

Linking up with Spy Girl, for animal print week!

Have a peaceful day, and stay fabulous,

PS: Linking up to Sheila’s Shoe Shine. Get over there and see the footwear!

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  1. Patti – I covet your faux bangs. I have a cowlick / cow's lick as it's called here in UK. No fringe / bangs ever sit flat. Although I did enjoy a " few hours in the sun" when the Dallasty look was popular in the '80's. Tons of very firm hair spray and my fringe was higher than Crystal's – no touching hair even in stormy weather- it was rock solid.

    At last I have a hairdresser who says I can't have bangs even though they are"Natures Botox" according to several hairstylists who have come and gone. I've had so many haircuts, cajoled into thinking my cowlick could be tamed and trained. They took ages to grow out. There comes a time when we're past novelty hair accessories – I'm 58 now. Been following your blog for 20 months. Great thrifting and love your photos especially during winter here when you are still in your sleeveless tops. All good wishes – Jill S

  2. The sneakers look surprisingly good in this outfit. Surprisingly to em, as I also never use sneaker other than work-outs or with jeans. I do remember though I wore white sneakers with a long silk skirt suit, with brown belt. One of ny best outfits.
    The last photo has won my heart. Love it. And you are right, your smile is an asset, it is overwhelming.

  3. Ooh, King is such a magnificent beastie! And you're not so bad yourself, Patti – love the mustard skirt with that cool belt. And sure, sneakers are fine as everyday wear, they add a funky vibe to a midi skirt.
    I can't believe how natural your faux fringe looks, it really suits you! xxx

  4. I love the sneakers with this outfit – I've worn my converse a few times with a casual dress and I really like it. Love the belt too!

  5. Those kicks are cute and the bangs really give you an edge. It is surprising it is steamy there because you manage to look fresh as a daisy : )

    I don't often wear sneakers out. I bought some cute Converse and they give me huge blisters. I will be taking them to the consignment store.


  6. Love the sneakers and the linen skirt with the cool and comfortable tank. The belt is nice touch, I definately would add some neck interest. Your hair is really good looking also.

  7. Cute and easy casual outfit! I think you look great with your hair like that- very flattering!

  8. Great look, Patti! The belt is completely wonderful. Matches made in heaven, every piece and the cute little Keds are just jazzy with it all. The skirt looks suede-ish … is it?Just bought a pair of black Keds with "whitewalls" and we'll see if I wear them online.

  9. Look out Patti, you're in danger of being upstaged by King – what a handsome boy!!!
    Love your hair like that, the colour of your skirt and the belt. When you said sneakers I was imagining ugly white Nikes, those animal print pumps are cute, far too stylish to be classed as sportswear. xxx

  10. It's steamy here too…this is cute and I love the shoes and the way you did your hair. I am certain your kitty loved it!

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