Wear An Elaine Dress And Stay Authentic: Visible Monday


How to wear an Elaine dress and still be you. Did you love Elaine from Seinfeld’s hippie/granny/festival wardrobe? Me too. Those long floral dresses and blazers, and her gorgeous curly hair and cool brogues – she looked just like her character would look in real life.

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This black and tan “Elaine” dress was just picked up a couple of days ago, while out thrifting with my dear friend Bryan. It’s likely a late 80’s-early 90’s frock, made by Carole Little. Thrift price = $3. I adore the way these dresses glide over the body, and the length means: no leg shaving needed today 😊.

Love this silhouette. With a granny dress, it’s most flattering to stay true to your regular dress size and not go tooooo oversized. It looks like bare skin on my bodice, heavens! but that’s my gold fringe-y pendant necklace (c/o Nordstrom) on my chest.

The cotton bowler hat was thrifted in Vancouver, at My Sister’s Closet. It’s my new summer favorite. The steampunk cuff bracelet was found at Citizen Rosebud’s Etsy shop; her store is open again so go see what treasures Bella is offering.

Now the Seinfeld gang is headed to the diner for a vegan BLT sandwich, and lots of coffee. I think George is looking at my chest. That would be so George.

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Stay fabulous, and wear what you love, xo

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    • Thanks Ruth! Have a wonderful Wednesday and thanks for coming by. xox

  1. You certainly nailed the ‘Elaine’ look, Patti, and what’s more, it suits you to a T. And what a bargain that dress was! xxx

    • Thanks Ann – I thought you’d appreciate a good bargain! Your trip to Bruges looks dreamlike indeed, and quite beautiful. xox

    • Thank you Elle. Your romantic ruffled blouse paired with your camo joggers is an amazing look! xox

  2. I love dresses like this Patti. It really is my style. Easy to wear and so chic – ticks all the right boxes. Looks so fabulous on you.
    Alison xx

    • Thanks Alison – and your jumpsuits are inspirational too! Have a great day, xox.

  3. You are an adorable version of Elaine with your curly hair and that dress. SO cute! Your thrifting sense is amazing. Got a kick out of your superimposed picture!! Lol! Thanks for sharing.

    xx Darlene

    • Thanks so much, Darlene and thanks for linking up! I really like the #5 tunic swimsuit you showed today. xox

  4. Elaine and you can pull those dresses off so easily! Thank you for hosting the link up and have a wonderful week Patti!

    • Thanks and a lovely week ahead to you too, Julia. Thank you for showing us how well your sweet kitty is recovering! xox

  5. I used to have a dress like that in the ’90s! Loved it, wish I still had it. Your dress really works with the hat, great look x

    • Thank you, Porcelina. Your post today is informative and provocative – making me want to do a similar study on US brands! xox

    • Thank you Cheryl. And I got major inspiration from your shirtdress-over pants look! xox

    • LOL, there’s a lot of women here who don’t love the leg-shaving. Shall we start a movement? Thanks for coming by, and have a lovely week ahead. xox

    • Thank you, Jess, and I hope you’re enjoying Southern Spring! You look terrific in your linen blazer, that a wonderful piece to own. xox

  6. Love this post…you are a hoot. What a pleasant chuckle to start the week off!

    • Thank you Mireille and thanks for linking up. I liked your scarf-look, great way to liven an outfit! xox

    • Thanks, Vix, and thank you for sharing your gorgeous black dress with us. You’re a beauty! xox

  7. I had a dress very similar to this one in the 90s. I think I may have even had permed hair at the time. I have a photo of myself with my young children and really, really don’t like how I look, so I’m *not* revisiting this trend! You, my friend, are rocking it, though!

    • thanks Kim! loved your thrifting roundup. If we lived closer I would grab that camo mesh skirt : > Have a great week ahead. xox

    • Thanks Amy. And I really liked your IG roundup – great embroidered jeans! xox

    • Thanks, Debbie! I love what you wrote today about your dual nature. You’re fierce about protecting and defending those you love – that takes courage. xox

    • Thank you Rena! I really like your blog, and your cool utility jumpsuit! xox

    • Thank you, Suzanne, and thanks for linking up! I enjoyed your list of favorites, and that shower oil sounds divine. xox

    • Thanks for coming over, and for pinning, Nicole! Love your midi floral print dress too. xox

    • Yes, I’ve seen you rock this style too, looking mighty stylish. Thanks for coming over, kiss V on the head for me. xox

  8. Yeah, the no-leg-shaving thing, the dress would just snag on my forest. Hahaha! I love this dress. It looks flowy and cool. And George cracks me up. Thanks for hosting, Patti.

    • LOL at your leg-forest! Stay authentic, woman! Thanks for coming by and linking up your extraordinary post of the Vancouver adventure. xox

  9. Yes, I wore almost the exact same Elaine dress to Spago’s when I had lunch with Robert Goulet and his lovely wife, Vera. I had won a radio contest to see the musical Camelot and lunch with the Goulet’s right around 1992 in Las Vegas. Good memories! Wish I had kept that dress, though. You look fab!

    • Wow, what a wonderful memory! And Camelot – that’s one of the best musicals ever. Thanks for coming by and sharing your story, xox.

  10. Yes, that would definitely be a George move to be staring at your chest – hahahaha!!! Love that hat on you – super cute and adds so much personality to your look!

    • Haha! He was always a little sneaky, right? thanks for coming over and linking up – love your new pink blouse! xox

  11. Patti, you’re making me all kinds of nostalgic with this look. I rocked many a floral granny dress back in the day and it’s still one of my favorite trends. Your simplified recreation is perfection. Thanks for this little stroll down memory lane.


    • Thanks dear Rena. Me too – loving the long floral dresses then and now. Your tie-dye skirt is fab. xox

  12. I love dresses like this Patti. A one piece that ticks all the right boxes. This looks fabulous on you xx

    • Thank you Laurie, and thanks for linking up. I enjoyed your makeup review! xox

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