Friends Make Life Sweet: Blue Horizon Tales

This is a sponsored post, written with pleasure.

Blue Horizon tales: friends make life sweet. Do you love a great city, with clean air, public transport, gorgeous views, and friendly people? Me too. That’s why any trip to Vancouver, Canada is special.

My most recent trip was made even more excellent by the hospitality of the Blue Horizon Hotel (@bluehorizonhotel), and of course the company of friends/fellow bloggers Melanie (Bag And A Beret), Suzanne (Suzanne Carillo), Sherry (Petite Over 40), and Sue (A Colourful Canvas).

Blue Horizon provided a generous private suite for our stay, a space much bigger and more luxe than my Greenwich Village studio, heh. We enjoyed incomparable views of city, mountains, and the English Sea. There was plenty of room for us all to sprawl about, and play with clothes, and have fresh coffee from the Keurig. There was even a fridge to hold our German Chocolate Cake healthy snacks.

This is just the living room, and already I’m in love.
And the view from our balcony! Sea, sky, mountains and city.

Get a group of mid-life women together in a top-end location, and you will be surprised by what transpires. We don’t have to follow any fashion rules, and we let our hair down in beautiful British Columbia!

  • We had our faces professionally made up by make-up artist Suzi, and we dressed ourselves in rule-breaking finery. The Blue Horizon kindly let us use their top-rate facilities for an all-out photo shoot. Here are a few highlights:
Here’s talented make-up artist Suzi applying huge eyelashes to Mel.
Fully made up, be-wigged, and dressed for success, I pose by the Blue Horizon pool. The futuristic plastic clothing and iridescent top were made for Melanie by students in Vancouver Community College’s Fashion Design & Production program.
Suzanne bravely jumps in and saves Melanie from slipping into the deep end!

We’re in full dress mode at the Blue Horizon workout room. So sorry that gorgeous Sherry is fanned out.
  • We ate! The Blue Horizon has a fab restaurant, Abode. We had several delicious meals there and repeats of the strawberry rhubarb pie.
Oh yeah, we had lots of food and fun at Abode. Delightful servers too.
From left: Melanie, me, Suzanne, Sherry at Abode. We closed the place down
  • Of course, we shopped. One of Melanie’s favorite thrift shops is My Sister’s Closet, (“Fashion forward to end violence”) and for good reason. They support women and girls who suffer from abuse, and the staff are warm and inviting. Oh yeah, the clothes and accessories are fly and affordable too.
Yes, we’re posing in the shop window.
Sherry gifted me this amazing red wool coat, as I was not fully prepared for Canadian Spring.
  • We talked (and talked, and etc). The Blue Horizon suite was perfect for lolling around in our pajamas, snacking, and solving the problems of life, large and small. Friends who listen and never lecture are so comforting. And energizing too!

Many thanks to the staff of the Blue Horizon for making our visit unforgettable. Huge thanks to Melanie too, for making all the delightful plans. And to Sherry, for taking the train with me to Vancouver. And Suzanne, for lighting up the place with her energy. And Sue, “the quiet one” who always brings the peaceful vibes.

I hope you’re having a wonderful, fashion-forward day. If you visit Vancouver, please stay at the Blue Horizon, or at least get a latte and strawberry rhubarb at the cafe.

Stay fabulous, and wear what you love,

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    • Ah good – I didn’t want to classify you in any way that wasn’t true to you. xo

  1. You ALLare inspiring!! What a FaBby way to get get together and enjoy yourselves!! Thanks for sharing your outfits, makeup and fun times

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