Visible Monday #64: Dotty

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I’m still in very summery styles, but I felt like adding a slightly Fall-ish touch today, to my lightweight dress. This floaty dress needs anchoring, with a belt or scarf-belt, usually. But I like it with a menswear vest too.

The Anne Klein wedge sandals have been well-worn this summer! I am liking a nude shoe more and more, and nude oxfords are on my list for Fall. A couple of bright bangles finish off the look. Visible and relaxed, for Florida end-of-season. Skinny G. is wearing her usual summer-weight hair suit.

Can you tell by my smile that the a/c is repaired?
Tongue out, tail up. I can pose if I want to.

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. Love this look! The vest is the perfect early fall accompaniment. 😉 Good luck on your nude oxford search! I found a great pair at payless last year that I love! 😉 I would love a pair with a wedge, but finding a pair that isn't eight inches high has been difficult. 😉 As much as I love a good platform, they are not at all practical footwear for a sahm of a preschooler. 😉

  2. Adorable, and so glad to hear your a/c is fixed! 🙂

    I finally linked up, and you were right – it was easy!  I didn't notice until after I published that it was my 100th post.  Neat 😀

  3. Hi Patti, I've been wanting something polka dotted. You've inspired me to make sure I get something. You look lovely! I don't think I have a thing that has dots. I've been wanting to try some dotted stockings when it gets colder. Not sure my legs are long enough to pull them off tho :o)  Looks as if your cat is posing and what cute little feet…like it has painted nails, goth black, of course!

    Can you believe I managed to post on visible Monday 3 times in a row. I must be on a roll! All the ladies look great. Love checking them out each week even if I don't have the gumption to post. As always, love your blog!

  4. I love that dress of yours Patty and your hair. I love a polka dot dress and I am glad I got one. 🙂 You are looking good. Cute kitty too and knows how to pose for the camera.

  5. Every aspect of this outfit is beautifully-proportioned on you, Patti – the fit and pattern-scale of the dress, vest, shoes – you look fantastic! Congrats on your a/c repair as well. 🙂 

    Thanks for hosting another amazing Visible Monday! 

  6. Patti, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who's wearing dots into fall. Would you believe I just thrifted a very similar dress? Only my dots are black and the background is (off)white.
    The black vest does add a touch of fall and was just right thing.

  7. Loving the polka dots and you're tempting me with your nude shoes. They are such a great look, and I haven't given them enough attention in my outfit fantasies.  

  8. I love the dots with the vest. I am trying to enjoy the last of the summer weather because I am always cold.

  9. Not that we had much of a summer here, but I'm well into the autumn clothes now. I like the menswear touch on the very feminine, floaty dress!

  10. You are very cute in dots!  We're in that mix of summer-soon to be autumn, too. The high is only 82, and that's why I broke out the (sleeveless) cashmere this morning.  

  11. hee hee, cats are just too cool.  Those are cool polka dots too, they seem flow-y along with the dress, not all lined up in order and regimented.  Pairing the dress with vest was brilliant.

  12. It was upper 90s this weekend so I am 100% not ready to give up my summer clothes.  I just bought a menswear vest and hadn't figure out how to wear it without looking too masculine.  I like the touch it adds to this dress!


  13. I love a waistcoat over a floaty dress, it adds edginess and is much comfier than a belt. You look gorgeous, even your cat can''t take his eyes off you and they always have the best taste! x

  14. That vest works really well for pulling that sweet dress toward fall! And I can see why you find the nude sandals so useful. . .

  15. Oh Patti – you look incredible. Love your dotty dress and the retro feel it has. I even raved about it on my blog. =)

    I love Visible Mondays. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate. =)

  16. Oh Patti, you can do no wrong in a spotty frock and look at that glorious smile:)).   This is my first time linking to Visible Monday – eeeeeeeeeeep!

  17. Ooohh!!! Loving the contrast of your floaty femme dress and crisp menswear vest. Such a flattering combo, Patti!!! ~Sarah

  18. Patti, I have a similar dress that I purchased at the 1/2 of 1/2 Name Brand Store. I haven't worn it, but I thought it would be a nice dress to have just in case I ever needed something to wear to an event. Seeing you in this makes me glad I bought it.
    You look lovely as does your sweet kitty. They are so funny and add to much to our lives.

  19. As a petite woman, I love nude shoes in warm weather. I think they make my legs look longer. You are rocking that vest and bangles!

    I decided to submit Friday's zebra pants for Visible Monday because I just don't think I can be any more visible…lol.

  20. Gorgeous dress. I actually just thrifted some polka dot pants and wondered if I can get away with them for fall. Obviously I can! You look great. Love the kitty photobomb.

  21. I love how you matched this dress with the men's vest. You get structure and still maintain that flowy vibe. Looks great!

  22. Polka dots are so much fun…this is a youthful, stylish, cool look for you!  Great job, Patti!!

  23. Would you believe it Patti I too wore a vintage polka dot dress on Friday… can I say I was in on the conference phone call with you and Rachel??!! (Mine will be seen in an outfit post soon!) It goes without saying that I LOVE polka dots, and the shape of this dress really suits them. You look so well and happy as always sweetie!!

    Hope you've had a great weekend,

    Catherine x

  24. I love that dress with the vest!! So cute!!
    Of course–the cute ramped up 1000% by adding the adorable cat! what can't be improved by a cat??

  25. Patti, I almost wore a vintage polka dot dress today. If I had, everyone might think we called each other up and planned it. 🙂 Love polka dots and your smile. 🙂

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