Visible Monday #49: Visible In Black and White

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I’m still in New York City, where I tend to wear a lot of black, gray and white (how original, heh), with splashes of color. But I feel very confident and visible today in this black knit skirt and GAP tee.

I added spring color with a floral scarf, purchased at a street fair yesterday. And I wore my faithful walking boots — not beautiful, but so supportive and kind to my feet. They’re the only shoes I have re-soled regularly!

Leaning for support, my dogs are tired! In Washington Square Park.
I was trying to capture her Chanel pose. Wearing a Karina dress and Aldo boots.

It was a trip to NYC that inspired the original Invisible Woman post, and planted the seed for Visible Monday. You have responded so wonderfully over the past year, contributing so many fresh, individual interpretations of visibility and confidence! I’m grateful beyond words.

I’ll be writing more later this week about how the city keeps changing my ideas about myself, what I want, and what our next life changes might be. I love the diversity, the openness of thought, and of course the wonderful mix of style!

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. Love the long black skirt, Patti.  Looks very elegant with the scarf of many colors.

  2. i am loving the bright floral scarf with the simplicity of the black
    might be giving that look a try soon

  3. Patti, you look like you could be part of the cast for Sex and the City! Love the Karina dress and boots! I hope Karina got you to model for her while you were there 🙂

  4. Patti, I love your hairdo on pic #1. I almost didn't recognize you 🙂 The eyeglasses are so chic too!

  5. Birthday babe, you are looking F-I-N-E. Loving the floral scarf accent, and that Karina is fetching on youse. Congrats on creating such a wonderful community building event that is Visible Monday. I really need to get my shyte together and in on this. Muah. 

  6. You look so lovely! I love that scarf of yours and that second dress. Someday! Someday, we will get to see NYC. 🙂 Have a great Monday!

  7. Great outdoor NYC outfit photos!  Love the Chanel pose and the pink scarf.

  8. Both your outfits are great, but that first one is pitch perfect!! LOVE it! That is exactly the kind of outfit I used to wear all the time, but lately, I can't find skirts that look like that.

  9. I love your black outfit with the splash of color and pattern.  You look beautiful and visible.  

  10. You look very chic. I love the boots with the dress in the second photo. And the floral scarf is just perfect with your black ensemble. 

    Glad you're having such fun in NYC!

  11. Thank you again for hosting Visible Monday! I love your Karina dress! My family has been pestering me about going to NY on holiday, maybe it's not such a bad idea?

  12. Read your Invisible Woman post of a year ago and am so glad you took action to make it the Visible Woman (Monday) it is today!  I know exactly when my invisibility happened and how long it took me to reassess and recover. 

    It looks like NYC does wonders for you!

  13. I love your black and white floral print dress – have fun in New York! I'm on holiday too at the moment in Spain.

  14. you look so chic on the streets of New york! It's true how a city style can influence the way we dresses and gives us lots of ideas. A walk down the busy shopping district instantly transform the way I see my wardrobe and clothes. I like your street shots and your outfits. I see confidence and poise of a woman who knows exactly what she wants!


  15. How wonderful that you are still in New York. You must be having a fab time. I really like that long skirt on you. And combined with the black top and colourful scarf, it's a great look! Enjoy the rest of your stay!

  16. You look Absolutely Beautiful in both looks…the City does you well!!!

  17. Wow, I love that first photo. You look so svelte, so chic, and floral scarf adds a lovely burst of spring flower freshness. I like your Chanel take, and also the scarf on your bag! 

    I read your original post "Invisible Woman," and yes, so much rang true; the comments were thoughtful as well. Clearly NYC resonates with you and ups the game. I'm glad you started this event as an empowering exercise for all women.

  18. These are fantastic outdoor photos of you Patti. I don't think I've seen outdoor photos of you before, but I haven't been blogging all that long. You have a great figure!

  19. I hope you're having a wonderful time in NYC!  I'm jealous!
    Both of your outfits are awesome, and your Chanel pose is right on the money! 

  20. I did a double take with the second photo! I'd wear your dress over the mannequin's look anyday. Sounds like you're having a lovely trip and enjoying the weather.

  21. Patti, I really love the all black!  When in Rome!  By the way, Happy Birthday gorgeous!  Hugs!  ~Serene

  22. Patti–I love the photos of you on the streets of the Big Apple and you do indeed take on an urban vibe when you're there.  How has the conference been?

  23. I hear you on the black color and comfy shoes in New York. Now, I need to know. Which one of you is the Chanel mannequin? I can't tell the difference. xo!

  24. Patti…you look so NYC…just fit right in!  I love both of these pictures of is great to see you out and about!!

  25. Happy Belated Birthday. Your New York trip looks very exciting. I am envious. Thank you so much for visible Monday posts. They have changed the way I think about myself and other "Boomer" women. I'm having a lot of fun!

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