Visible Monday #114: Florida Orange

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It’s still summer-y here: 87 degrees for today’s high. So I’m not wearing any sweaters, boots, or faux fur yet. Instead, I am sporting an Old Navy pocket tee in “Bird of Paradise” orange. Even though orange is usually not one of “my” colors, this works because of the deep scoop neckline.

The skirt is a simple knit by GAP (similar), one of my favorites for weekend outings (Today we went to see “Gravity” with Sandra Bullock – suspenseful!). The scarf was purchased at a street fair for a couple of dollars. I don’t love the feel of it, so it’s going to be re-purposed for home decor.

Amazingly, my Colour of Cocktail animal print/hot pink sandals seem to go with everything!

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. What a lovely relaxed casual look that pops a punch with some bright colour. That coral shade is fabulous on you! Lights up your complexion and hair wonderfully. Love the scarf – such a lovely pattern and it looks great as a belt.

  2. Oh I love you in orange, Patti! I think it should make an appearance on your colour list immediately – or dare I say it shows the limitations of those colour/seasons charts?! Just teasing you, I'm being cheeky! You look so elegant, I love it. I am too late this week, sorry, I'll be on the ball in a fortnight, promise. xxxx

  3. First of all, you were meant to wear orange. The color is beautiful on you. Second, I love the idea of your blog. I'm a mid-30 mom of four, and I'm just starting up on my style blog after a two-year hiatus (because I had a baby and priorities shifted). I'm finding it simultaneously easier and harder to be stylish as I get older, but I'm doing my best to make the transition gracefully. Your blog is inspiring to me. Thank you!
    -Brittney (come on by if you'd like!)

  4. Thanks for your kind message ! The Visible Monday is a great community, and I love sharing that experience !

  5. I'm grooving on orange these days (at least, for the little one) and I bet it's perfect for your warm clime, Patti. I also use scarves in home decor/ πŸ™‚

  6. Patti! You're back and as beautiful as ever … love this color, especially on you. Sorry the scarf doesn't make you thrilled, but it looks great from here. You're just so smooth!
    Thanks again for making space for all of us. I'm sorry I'm always so late!

  7. I LOVE your linkup! Thanks so much for hosting it, I always see the cutest things.
    I know what you mean about not pulling out the fall style yet, I live in FL too. I have tried a few times and I always end up changing because it's too hot! πŸ™

  8. Hi Patti, am glad to see your, your post and all the other visual monday girls again.
    Tangerine is a great but difficult colour. But it fits you very well and looks smart and cool with the easy skirt. Have a good time.

  9. Orange is a pretty color on you. Orange is a hard color to match with other colors but you did a great job with the grey skirt and combining the two colors with the pretty scarf. It's warm here too. I heard Gravity is really good.

  10. Lovely, easy relaxed outfit. Lucky you with a scooped neckline. My neckline is too wrinkld to wear anything scooped haha.
    And those shoes are indeed brilliant. I noticed them immediately. You never know beforehand when something is going to be a hit. These certainly are.
    PS In my today's post I am wearing orange brogues.

  11. You look sooo cute!!! I wish it was hot in utah, it's soooo cold!!!! Lucky you!!!

  12. I have those Old Navy pockets tees in a rainbow of colors and they are hands-down my favorites. LOVE this gray skirt and the splash of orange.

  13. Happy to join all the foxes here once again and I am a big fan of your scarf used as a belt! It looks wonderful on you.

  14. That colorful scarf used as a belt made the whole casual outfit look so chic! πŸ™‚

  15. Looking gorgeous Patti! Loving the scarf as belt. So pretty.

  16. I just love this colour on you. I think because it is more peachy it works.

    We also went to see Gravity. I thought it was great and the special FX were out of this world…literally LOL.


  17. Great ensemble, Patti! Thanks for hosting this week, I missed you last week! Don't be ducking out like that, gf! hahahahaha

  18. A fabulous shade of orange! Long may you continue to wear sandals and teeshirts! x

  19. Wow the coral orange and grey work beautifully together and so gorgeous on you! Such a lovely outfit.

  20. You look lovely in orange Patti! I'm a big fan of a jersey knit maxi skirt – very handy in summer.

  21. Oh Patti, I love this outfit on you, very elegant, and yet casual and comfortable. The scarf looks lovely as a sash, it would make a beautiful obi, if you don't make into a cushion!

  22. A lovely warm-looking outfit to fit the weather, then! I really like the pattern of the scarf, glad it will still get to be seen, and repurposed. Orange isn't a colour in my 'book' (I stick fairly close to it, as they work best for me) but I like adding it as accessories.

  23. Very nice. Orange is rapidly becoming one of my favourite colours for style. It's cheery and bright but still warm and gentle too.

  24. 'Bird of Paradise Orange' looks lovely with your hair and skin. The colorful scarf and shoes add to the fun! Highly vibrant and visible!

  25. Orange you pretty? It is super hot here in San Diego, too. Love love love your outfit. Lucky couch that gets that scarf.

  26. Nice shade of orange! The whole look is very feminine and pretty. Love the scarf as a belt here, such an interesting touch to the outfit.

  27. I like that Bird of Paradise colour on you. This look is so soft and pretty, and the sandals are perfect with it. I would look so wilted in those temperatures and here you are blooming. Gorgeous. Ba-bye scarf. Little does it know this is its last hurrah on your bod.

  28. It's just as hot here in Maryland!!
    LOVING your outfit–I think that orange works on you as it's a bit more coral pink!!

  29. You're looking very long and lean and tropical, perfect for an easy-going Sunday. I want to see Gravity, and also about three other movies, but the weather is nice again and it's hard to go into a cinema. We just hit 80 here today!

  30. It's 88 here today…I know what you mean about not wearing much in the way of fall clothing. That shade of orange is just gorgeous! I am not a huge fan of orange but that deep coral color is lovely.

  31. We actually hit 91F here today, but it's supposed to start cooling down tomorrow. I think you look wonderful in orange! The color isn't too saturated and doesn't overwhelm you.

  32. You look gorgeous in orange, Patti! Enjoy the lovely warm weather and thank you for hosting "Visible Monday"!

  33. You look amazing in in orange, just really lovely. I love this outfit a lot. You look casual but still very, very chic.

  34. What a cute look! I like how you wrapped the lovely scarf around to add colour, very nice πŸ™‚

    Thank you for hosting us all again!



  35. Well I think that scarf looks fab tied as a belt! And the skirt looks so comfy but classy at the same time. Lovely!!

  36. You're looking lovely as always – and I'm very jealous of those temperatures!

  37. It's been unseasonably warm here in the Northeast (up until today), so I'm actually looking forward to pulling out my fall clothes and accessories.
    Lovely relaxed and elegant look.

  38. Lucky you to still have summer! Love the orange! My mom comes to FL next week for her winter stay–I am jealous. xoxo

  39. Pretty and comfortable! The peachy orange is lovely on you and your sandals are beautiful.

    blue hue wonderland

  40. I adore your outfit! You look wonderful – orange and grey happen 2 of my favourite colours and they look so good together. Your sandals are amazing too!

  41. Hi Patti!
    Ever so glad to be back! What a week I had!
    Looking lovely, love orange!
    Patti at her best I say!
    Mr D wanted to see that movie, was it good

  42. It's been very hot here, too Patti. I think you're selling the scarf short. I love the print, especially as the transition between the orange and grey.


  43. We finally got a touch of autumn today in South Texas! But, I am certain out time is short! You look lovely in this shade of orange Patti…a great color for you. Thanks for hosting Visible Monday!

  44. You look marvelous Patti. Love the gray maxi skirt and the orange tee. The scarf belt is such a nice touch.
    Have a great week

  45. Same here in Virginia Beach with the weather! Love the orange on you and the scarf as a belt is fabulous!

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