Visible Monday #113: Gray, Yellow, Cat

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I bought this cute little Loft dress from Megan for a song. Not an actual song, but just a few dollars, because she wasn’t happy with the fit. Thanks for your generosity, Megan! It’s a great dress worn alone like this for summer, and layered for Fall/Winter.

Gray and yellow make a lovely combination, so I added a skinny belt and bangle. To show reverence to the creatures that rule my life, I also wore a vintage cat brooch from Bella’s Etsy shop. Shiny pink lip gloss finishes off the look.

Lots of leg showing, for my style, but we still have one day of summer left  : >
Love the big-headed kitty.

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

The guidelines to participate in the Visible Monday Link-Up are so simple!

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  1. I posted that I was joining VM later then promptly woke up with bad sinuses! Ah well, the intention was there.

    I am so glad you helped Megan take a dress off her hands she didn't love. Because it looks fabulous on you, especially with the yellow accents..

  2. That dress is like a sleeveless trench coat. What a great design! I'd also like to see it with a long-sleeved top under it.

  3. I love grey and yellow together. This is a great look. And your hair is looking mighty sassy. Love it!

  4. Gray and yellow are not a combination I usually think of, but it looks terrific! I especially like the little pop of red from the shoes, too!

  5. I love this on you! (I always love it when you sport a shorter dress … you gotz legs, kid!)
    A sleeveless trench-dress! Perfect with yellow, and the little red on the shoes!
    Happy to be back home at Visible Monday … hope the schedule works for you, and we appreciate you being here for us!

  6. Hey Patti, your dress looks like it barely made into the exiting of summer. Around my town you would be freezing in it. It is Fall/Autumn for sure today. It is only 58Β° here right now. I know I would be very 'too cold' in your ensemble, but you darling in it. Thanks for doing VISIBLE MONDAY. I am loving it here each week!

  7. More short sklrts, please, Patti! I hate the oncoming Autumn and Winter weather so much I want to be warmed by my favourite bloggers making the most of their sunshine! x

  8. oh my, how I adore this dress! So cute an with those shoes! I really like your combination!! Also glad you found a way to still continue Visible Monday in this new way! Thx, would be missing something otherwise!

  9. Hi everyone ! Love your grey dress and since I am kinda new here, I have decided to take part into Visible Monday πŸ™‚ Loads of great inspirations here so I hope to do my part, too ! Greetings from Italy !

    Fashion and Cookies

  10. Love that dress on you–it's so cute!!!
    Plus maybe you could layer it over tights and leggings come "cooler" weather!

  11. Hi Patti!
    Nice to get Visible Monday back, wow! lots of people!
    That grey dress is just perfect for you and i like the pop of color and btw your legs are fine and you are not showing too much!


  12. I love gray & yellow paired up. That is what I am wearing today too – check it out and let me know what you think. Your Dress, Brooch & Sandals are lovely.

    Also check out the Outfit I linked up. When putting that Skirt on, I was reminded of you because of the color & material.

    Happy Monday Patti!!

  13. Such a lovely cat brooche! It makes every simle taylored dresses special. Yeloow belt and bracelet is great idea, sothe snake pinted sandals! You must feel confortable and brighting!

  14. Wow that dress of Megan's fits you like a glove and looks so glamorous on you dear Patti! I can see you what you mean, it's going to be a brilliant transitional outfit as the seasons change. I love how you've pepped the grey up with those colourful touches, and even paid tribute to our favourite animal with that lovely brooch!

  15. Oh, I do love the splashes of yellow and red against the grey. And the kitty. Thanks for hosting — it's always such a joy to join in!

  16. Patti, fab outfit! The kitty brooch is gorgeous and I love the fabric of the dress. I always enjoy your Visible Mondays and have finally organised myself to participate. Thank you very much for hosting this and making all feel so welcome.

  17. So glad to join you another Monday.
    Love the grey shirt dress and the pop of colour.
    Want, want that gorgeous cat.

  18. As I see you have still super nice summer weather. Although we still have some sun in Germany, but the temperatures are in the single digits in the morning. For us, the autumn has arrived with the cold and the summer outfits have to be packed away again. The more beautiful is dear Patty to see you in such a sweet summer dress and sandals. The little kitten is so cute.

    Have a wonderful week
    Dana πŸ™‚

  19. Grey and yellow are my absolutely, very nearly and maybe evenn possibly (I don't like to commit) favourite colour combo. I think it's sublime. I love it in interiors mostly, but clothing too. Great dress and I love your look. Thanks so much for hosting.

  20. I WAS JUST THINKING ABOUT THAT CAT PIN! It's one of my all time favorite brooches. I love your dress- perfect frock for early Fall, and I adore the brights pops of color you've added to your ensemble!

  21. You are lovely in your gray dress with a touch of yellow, and accessorized by the big-headed kitty. I'm with Tamera. I appreciate you and Visible Monday with extra love this week.

  22. Sometimes you just see an outfit and the only thing that comes to mind is "I want, I want, I want." Well, this is what came to my mind when I saw this. the whole look is so perfect, on you, that is. Absolutely perfect pairing with the yellow.

  23. It is a lovely summer dress, Patti, and by adding accessories in yellow you make it look more interesting. Love that cat pin, I actually have weakness for cat-themed things.

  24. I love gray, yellow, and cat! And now comes the time when I can start to be a little jelly…I had to wear wellies and long pants today. I am so not a winter person. Thanks for hosting your lovely party Patti. Always a nice chance to catch up with a lot of lovely ladies!

  25. hey, sometimes we get 55 degrees in January! : > then I wear mittens, scarves and a furry hat.

  26. Yay, it's Visible Monday! It will be hard to watch any TV tonight while I check out the gals!

    Fabulous gray dress! I can imagine so many ways you could layer it as the mercury dips down to, what, about 60 in Florida? Enjoy the bare legs as long as you can – it's windy and rainy here.

  27. Ooh, I love grey and yellow together – so pretty! I agree with Alicia: in Florida, you get a lot more summer!

  28. You look so rad, Patti!! I'm jealous of how good that dress looks on you. πŸ˜‰ But glad you bought it off me because it does suit you wonderfully. Gah! and those gorgeous shoes. I don't think it's too much leg, you look fabulous as always.

  29. I love grey right now and you look great in it with your coloring. I think your shoes are darling! I bet you'll get to wear them for a couple of more months with your Florida sunshine.

  30. You look fabulous in a shorter length dress, Patti, you have great pins! Definitely a good piece for layering later in the year, the yellow looks cool with it too. xxx

  31. You look so lovely in this – I really like the gray and bright yellow together. Wonderful sandals too! Like the pop of colour on the soles.

  32. love love love you in this patti! That funky yellow belt adds so much and that brooch is divine x

  33. You are looking great in the dress with a fun kitty pin! Cool shoes and your yellow belt adds a nice accent. Missed everyone last week.

    blue hue wonderland

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