The Strong Older Woman: The Real Deal, And A Social Media Phenomenon

I love strong women, and I am one, and “older”. I’m drawn to women who have confidence, heart, and vibrancy, and aren’t afraid to share it. That’s why I picked this picture from Pinterest (the original site appears to be down) two weeks ago and shared it on my Facebook page. The pic includes this quote from Gloria Steinem:

“Women grow radical with age. One day an army of gray-haired women may quietly take over the Earth!”

I agree with both those sentences, and hold onto hope for our army of silver-hairs. Men are welcome too, we’ll take all the wise-heads we can find. But I had not imagined so many women and men would “share” this pic/quote on Facebook. The number of views is now over 3.1 million (yeah million – my highest number of views is usually about 1,000.)

It’s hard to express how energized this response has made me. We are out there, older women who’ve lived through some bad times and have the power to change things. As one commenter advised:

“Find your voice, use it wisely, stand for elected office. Volunteer to register voters at farmer’s markets, colleges, store fronts. Organize grassroots groups to confront injustice wherever you discover it.

Be fearless, be articulate, be worthy of your having walked on earth while here, leave your legacy before you leave.”

Here are a few more of my favorite comments on the post. I deleted all the nasty ones, and there weren’t many. Just a handful of guys who think strong women, or silver-haired women, are “bitches” and worse. Here’s some positive thoughts:

“Would you settle for a woman with grey hairs peeking thru her red hair that isn’t ready to say goodbye to my red locks yet. I can be an an army too even with hair coloring.” (YES!!)

“I’ve noticed that the grey hairs fighting for us now were the same women who fought for us 50 years ago.” (Also, YES).

“I think I can carry my share bring it on sister.”

“I’m ready when you are.”

“I don’t think it’s gonna be quiet…!”

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  1. Hope they will be as confident as I an at my Miriamage as I am. A confident 82 year old female

  2. I actually enjoyed your post so much! I like how a author explained
    the concepts. I think it is merely as great
    as the write-up of these men Thank an individual so much for this article, I will certainly await
    your subsequent publications.

  3. I’ve aged to the point I find it easy to admit to my mistakes… ask for forgiveness and walk with my forever friends as we make the world we live in a gentler place by excercising our kindness and love! I no longer live in anger. Without anger we are a fierce force to recon with! It’s impossible to conguer anger with anger.

    • I really like how you express yourself. Thanks for typing your February 13, 2019 remarks.

  4. Hahaha. That seems to be my problem. I’m NOT obedient and speak my mind, the truth! I’m 62, 63 in March. I’m physically strong, in shape and aging pretty gracefully I must gratefully say. Just like all you beautiful women I’ve suffered my share too. I’m so very much with you. Thank you for your strengthening post in such dark times. Never stop.

  5. This is the most powerful article ‘ I love it & I’m 64 years old”.
    this is good it has strengthened me to go for the star’s as far as success is concerned.
    I’m a social worker by profession.
    I would appreciate Mir articles like this one.
    I live in South Africa

  6. Women are strong in many ways. Gloria Steinem was an unhappy woman with daddy issues who managed to brainwash a whole lot of women into believing they weren’t actually happy. Many swapped out their very important job of raising babies for a different kind of job, ditched their happy homemaking, dumped the babies off at daycare, and resented their husbands. She doesn’t sound like a positive strength to me.

    • That is your personal viewpoint. For some women toeing the line according to what a man says is not their best life. To each their own. Don’t judge all by one.

  7. As older women we’ve gone through all the crap and it’s either broken us or made us stronger. One of the strongest women I know is my 85 year old mother. She’s had a hard life but she’s a very strong woman and I hope I’m the same.

  8. I love it when I see strong women! I haven’t always been strong, but I’m becoming stronger and have personally been through a lot. My husband helped me to become the stronger woman that I am today!

  9. Being ”invisible” isn’t such a bad thing, if it means you can do things, say stuff and go places you couldn’t when you were.

  10. Excellent post. Women become invisible (to others) as we age and we need to grab the world by the shoulders (or neck) and shake a little. We won’t be quiet, obedient little old ladies.

    • “Obedient” – that is def. not my generation : > Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts, xo

  11. I admire these women as well, Patti. Truthfully, though, I have always been a quiet, behind-the-scenes person and that probably won’t change as I age. Delighted to see my bolder sisters out there making themselves seen and heard!

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