The New York State Of Mind, And Style

There’s something indefinable, fascinating, seductive about the big city. New York puts me in a state of mind – that all kinds of things are possible, that the unexpected is expected, that your dreams can come to life. Since we’ve been traveling there for years it’s becoming more familiar and dear to me, and yet it always finds a way to knock me on my ass.

It’s amazing how wonderfully alone you can feel in the mega-city, if alone time is what you crave. I often take my book to Washington Square Park or to a coffee shop, and enjoy an hour or two of “solitude.” Of course, you’re never alone, but you can park yourself in your quiet space and watch people, squirrels and other living things.

Thrifting is another one of my favorite NYC occupations. I was smug with victory when I found a down puffer coat by a brand I hadn’t heard of: BACON (sounds yummy). Following the law of all thrifters, I Googled them and BAM: the jacket retails for over $700. Goodwill of Greenwich village price: $20. I did the happy, happy shopper dance (we never do that in the store, of course, that’s way too smug. : >)

In front of cool street art on the Lower East Side. The jacket has a detachable hood that keeps you crazy-warm.

I had lunch with the fabulous Alida of Alida Style and My Makeover Mission. She’s a New Yorker all the way, and generously shows me the ropes.

Alida shares her makeup tips with me, and introduces me to new shops in Soho. And she’s very, very cool.

Sandy was not neglected. We found him a luxe leather jacket by Coach (this one exactly), at the same Goodwill on W 8th Street. Looking handsome, this guy.

We forgot to take a pic in NYC, so this is now a Florida jacket.

This stirring display was in front of the Stonewall Inn, considered the birthplace of the gay rights movement. In July 1969, the patrons of the club fought back against the police who were “raiding” the bar because of “unlawful” homosexual activity. A watershed moment.

The Stonewall Inn is still open, and full of pride.

New Yorkers adore their dogs. The official Dog-oween Parade had been cancelled but there was an informal dog-party in Washington Square. Too adorable:

A sighting of the rare sushi dog.

I don’t know what his costume is, but this French Bulldog is rocking the sneakers.

Let your dreams lead you, and stay fabulous, xo,


Here’s some cool pieces to browse, for any city or town:

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  1. New York is one of my favourite places. I have been once a few years ago for a week and so loved it. The vibe of the city is wonderful. My hope is to go back and really get to know the out of the way places, that, you can only find when visiting frequently, like you do. I loved the chilly weather as it was Christmas time – but my other half wasn’t so keen, he feels the cold and prefers Florida – mind you I love it there too!!
    Alison xx

  2. Yes, I agree on all counts. The feeling of anonymity is wonderful. It is also a place where a person can be as social as he or she prefers. The puffer coat is just amazing. What a fabulous find at any price. But at $20 it is a true score!
    That sushi dog.. lol .

  3. As you’re saying, isn’t it interesting how you can feel solitude in the midst of a busy city. Something about anonymity I guess. Love me a good coffee shop and notebook. We learn a lot from Euro cafe culture re. that. Cheers!

  4. Both jackets are fabulous finds, and Sandy does look very suave in his! How wonderful that Alida is showing you the ropes! And I love both dog costumes too. xxx

  5. Great shopping! I love that you google your purchases – I do the same to research new labels. I also keep a list of what I’ve bought, where from, what I paid for it and what it’s retail value is!

  6. OMG! The sneakers!!! On the dog! Ha ha!

    You guys got some awesome scores. I’ve never heard of that brand either. Sandy’s jacket suits him perfectly. Yours looks cozy.

    It sounds like every time you visit NYC is like a battery recharge.


    • Yes, a recharge! Well said. I think your darling pup wears socks, as if she could be any cuter? Stay fabulous, xox

  7. I love your NYC blog posts! Both yours and Sandy’s jackets are wonderful, what fabulous finds.
    How cute are both those dogs? xxx

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