Summer Wish List: Linen And More

I have recently fallen back in love with linen for Florida summers. I’ve come to love the wrinkles, even. My recent purchases include:

It’s fun to mix these pieces with basic black or white tees, tanks, and sleeveless print tops. I wash them in the machine, cold water, dry for ten minutes on low, and hang to dry. The wrinkles are artful that way.

Here are a few pieces I’d like to add to my summer closet to round it out:

  • An ivory linen skirt:
Simple, like this one from Nordie’s
  • A floral maxi skirt for dressier occasions:
How pretty is this, from Anthropologie.
  • Wedge sandals with personality:
These, from Nordie’s, are cute and not too high.
  • A summery canvas bag:
A welcome change from a black purse. From Macy‘s.

Are you a linen-lover too, or do the creases keep you away?
Have a fun-filled day, and stay fabulous,

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  1. I'm not generally into linen, but I can see it makes sense in a super-hot climate like yours. I do love the drama of that foral maxi – very nice!

  2. No, I avoid linen, although I do have a pair of white linen trousers I sometimes layer under a dress. The creases just look too messy and the fabric is too unstructured for me. I like the skirt and the sandals though! xxx

  3. Love the examples of styles and colors in here today. Isn't a colorful purse uplifting? I recently got rid of a lot of black in my closet. Suddenly with my hair lighter I just can't wear it so much now.
    I love linen too. I can remember when I was in my 20s fighting it and ironing it constantly. But now I don't bother with that. I love the crumpled look!

  4. I'll bet you *were* really chic in your linen short suit. I thought of you when I picked this floral maxi.

  5. Lol at the "Brit Abroad" analogy – that's not my favored look either. xox

  6. I just cannot get use to the wrinkles in linen. I have to say no because I am never happy with the purchase. The shoes are very cute!

  7. How I love that floral skirt…and the cross body bag.

    I guess linen has changed a bit from the last time I wore it because it used to be dry clean only and that kept me away…as well as the wrinkles. I did have a suit at one time that I bought when I lived in France that was a blazer and short suit in linen. I thought I was really chic in it : )


  8. Cute bag.
    I was admiring a woman on the train with a Sak bag. I was wishing I had one and my wish was granted – I had a bag like that, different colors but still summery, in my own closet!
    It's on my shoulder now.

  9. Not a fan of linen – the creases definitely put me off. Anything white/off white tends to remind me of those terrible "Brit abroad" linen suits posh men wear on their travels. The maxi skirt has a great print but the top is too wishy-washy and dilutes the groovy florals. xxx

  10. Those are lovely pieces! I like linen too but I really dislike ironing so I tend to avoid it. I don't mind a few wrinkles though and I don't think it's really any worse than cotton.

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