A Summer Six-Piece Challenge

The blogging world has thoroughly covered the phenom of the “Six Pieces or Fewer” wardrobe challenge.  Quick recap: Can you survive on only six pieces of clothing, not counting shoes, undies and accessories, for a month? I tried it, and lots of laundry and a bit of boredom ensued. But who can resist a challenge?

Here’s a polyvore I put together for a Summer Challenge. It’s suitable for women in casual workplaces, and it’s age-appropriate while, IMHO, retaining a stylish vibe. I could do this for a month, how about you?

Six Items for Summer

At any age, I’ve loved a knee-length denim skirt. At my current age, it’s a wardrobe workhorse, with tights in the winter and pale legs sticking out in the summer! I also love a full skirt, but some of you will prefer a crisp A-line.
The black tank goes alone for play, or under any of the tops for casual workplace. Maybe over the striped tee if you feel wild and crazy. And now that I look at it more, I like a medium blue button down shirt instead of the red, so as not to be so memorable day to day.
I love the accessories of course! Those white oxford shoes are so fresh (and impractical, but we’re having fun here). I don’t do scarves very well, but if you do they would add lots of options. And the owl earrings are a must.
What do you think? Could you do it for a month? What would you switch out?
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  1. I really like the picture of you wearing jeans and sneakers. Suzanne’s gorgeous top, of course. Your list of go-to threads brilliantly captures your confident personality. In a word, yes!

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