Small Wardrobe – If You Love It, Wear It Out: Visible Monday

Small wardrobe – if you love it, wear it out. Enjoy it, use it up, don’t save it for special occasions. I’ve been moving towards a small wardrobe for a couple of years: lots of culling, doing more specific but less shopping, no genius hacks 😊. I ask myself about every piece as I pull it out in the morning “Do I feel great wearing this?

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I am therefore repeating a lot of looks, the ones that do make me feel great. In fact, this pic was taken one year ago, and I wore the same outfit this week. I love a loose, almost-baggy jumpsuit and this knit one is perfect. I found it while thrifting in Vancouver with my girl-gang, for about $10. The cost-per-wear must be in the zone of 35 cents.

small wardrobe
Oh hey, one year ago my porch-plants were a lot more dignified. Kitty is immortal, of course.

The colorful floral top by CAbi, also thrifted, is still being worn and enjoyed. I love the colors, but I mostly love that I can wash it in the sink and it’s dry in two hours. Perfect for travel. And the black Sofft sandals are among my favorites because they’re ultra-comfortable while maintaining some funky style.

small wardrobe
I love the pale green in this vintage pendant I found in the East Village NYC.

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Stay fabulous, and wear what you love, xo

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    • Thank you, Amber, and you look wonderful today in your slim skirt. Hope you’re having a great day! xox

  2. I love those Dungas/jumpsuit… I’d be wearing them on repeat too.
    I am a serial repeater.
    Mixing and swapping… that’s half the fun of dressing, isn’t it? :o)

    • thanks Sam. A serial repeater is a great fashion term! Loved your post today about the “man-repelling” elements of dressing. My husband once called my clunky, chunky platforms “Frankenstein shoes.” : > xox

  3. Looking really good Patti, and what a great and timely post as this warming planet would love us to love less! Or fewer! Actually although I do have a lot of thrifted clothes I’m great at culling my closet and definitely am in a de-cluttering mind-set at the moment. My motto is always, if it’s not being worn then out it goes – there’s no keeping it just in case!!! Thanks so much for both the post and hosting x

    • Great guidelines for de-cluttering, Penny! Your trips to the beaches look really beautiful, and how much do we love that 50’s style diner? Thanks for coming by, xox.

  4. The top pic of you landed in my inbox yesterday and the moment I saw it, I thought, “Patti’s so pretty.” There is a freshness and joy to you in this photo, which may owe itself to you wearing things you feel good in.


    • Awww, thank you Sherry for the kind words and for coming over. I think we can’t help but show joy when we wear things we love. xox

  5. That’s lovely on you, Patti, and certainly a keeper. Don’t ask me about my closet. The whole house is one.

  6. I think that Melanie and I are trapped in the same closet nightmare. LOL

    I have been making strides towards a more manageable wardrobe though and I think it is partly because of your influence.

    That jumpsuit suits you so well.


    • Two closets I would love to be trapped in! You encouraged me to buy the jumpsuit, so glad you did. Thanks for sharing your thoughtful post and cool look, xox.

  7. I love that jumpsuit and remember clearly when you got it. It looks great and I’m glad it has made the cut in your culling process. Me? I’m a small wardrobe woman trapped in a big wardrobe because my tastes are so diverse. What I don’t like today, I’ll love next month. HEEEELP! Hahaha!

    • Yes, that was the day we found The Bridesmaid Dress. You have incredibly fabulous taste, whatever month it is! Thanks for coming over, stay cool, xox.

    • It’s fun to play with your old favorites, agreed. Thanks for coming over, and you look terrific in your new jumpsuit! xox

    • Thanks Julie. And thanks for the easy skin-care tips in your post today! xox

  8. I love the idea of a small wardrobe, but I feel the need for variety. Although in the whole scheme of things, I realize it’s not the most important thing in the world. But right now…I have stuff….lots of stuff.
    I do love this jumpsuit on you Patti!!

    • Enjoy your big closet! It gives you lots of options every morning, and you always look fab, xox.

  9. I keep passing by that style of sandal b/c it’s similar to others in my closet. The fact that you stated they have a “funky style” makes me want to reconsider, as I always like to mix it up a bit.

    • Hi Kim! Loving your self-modified floral top and cool Bermudas today, xox.

  10. More reasons not to save things: your body might change (weight gain/loss or it just moves around…), styles change and your cool look will be dated, and clothes can disintegrate just hanging in the closet.
    I just bought my first thing in years: a red linen dress, big and loose–like being naked. Perfect for summer. Plus it has pockets. My previous red dress was kaput–it wore out, with little holes in the fabric, and it also got shorter with washing. It wasn’t fancy (Mango), but it brought lots of compliments, so it had to be replaced.

    • So true that our bodies change in mysterious ways! Your red dress sounds like perfection, and thanks so much for coming over, xox.

    • Thanks Cheryl – it is comfortable for sure. Love the bags you shared from the Nordie sale! xox

  11. I like a mid-size wardrobe – can’t capsule – get bored with my clothes too fast. But a huge wardrobe is overwhelming with choice.

    • Mid size sounds terrific. thanks for coming by, I enjoy all your instructive posts! xox

  12. Patti, I admire that you are culling your closet and thrifting! I’m trying to restyle more of what I already have, which truthfully is TOO much! I love that soft jumpsuit and the sandals look great!
    xx Darlene

    • Thanks Darlene, and thanks for linking up. Your sundress looks so perfect for the kind of days we’re having! xox

    • Thank you Emma. Love your “bug” jacket and the cool side-striped trousers! xox

  13. I love that you repeat looks! This is a fabulous jumpsuit, Patti! It’s so wonderful to have pieces you’ve picked up with friends – such good memories they bring.

    I’m a maximalist at heart, but I always ask myself those questions. I need to feel amazing in everything I put on my body!

    Thanks so much for hosting, Patti. I’ll be linking up shortly with some neon brights!

    • I know you are a maximalist, but you don’t look like “too-too” – you blend and mix your pieces beautifully with a good eye! See ya later in the links, xox.

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