NYC Travel Must-Haves; Visible Monday Reminder

We’ve made so many happy trips to Manhattan over the last eight years, with trunks of memories still to come (credit Neil Young). Packing has become fairly routine: a spring trip and a fall trip, and the appropriate gear. And of course, my game of packing light and shopping the thrifts in the city to round out my style.

Here are some items from my “never-forget” list, that make the trip easier:

  • Lots of socks – for cushioning my feet while doing our six miles a day walking, and for chilling at the apartment.
  • Tea bags and sugar, because you don’t want to have to go to the mini-grocery the minute you arrive – but you can always use a cup of hot tea.


  • The most comfortable walking shoes in the known universe. I probably don’t own them – yet – but I bought some fine Naot walking sneakers last month. I’m breaking them in and so far, they’re excellent.
  • Extra reading glasses. I have them all over my house, so I bring a couple extra to NYC for scattering around.



Can’t have too many after 50, can we? Love the reds.

  • My master list of things to do and places to see. We keep updating this list every trip and it’s a good, long one now. Added this year: cocktails at the Marlton Hotel, and a visit to the top of the Freedom Tower.

I shan’t bore you with pics of all the navy, black and ivory pieces that comprise the wardrobe. As always, I add a scarf, and buy one in the Village, and a couple of necklaces.  Then prepare to forget about what I am wearing, and throw myself into the magical city.


Visible Monday starts Sunday around 5PM. Be there for the best blogger party and the finest style on the webz!

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I will be working from my tablet while away, so I may not get to all your posts to comment. Thank you in advance for sharing all the wonderful looks, and for being dear Vis Mon friends.


Stay fabulous,


Some fab travel pieces from the Nordstrom semi-annual sale:

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  1. As someone who drinks eight cups of tea a day, I agree with your advice to bring bags with you. Very handy. One other thing to bring to NYC is plans to meet me!

  2. Yes an e-reader is great for travel, along with a few trusty paperbacks for the bath! xox

  3. Be prepared! It is hot as hell right now : ) I’m sure it will be nothing for you coming from Florida.

    Have a wonderful trip!

    That swanky hotel near Washington Park looks wonderful.

    Have you checked out the “treasure hunts”? They include actors. There are different ones all over NYC. I want to do one the next time I’m there.

    • Yeah, only the high 80’s, no sweat : >
      I will def check out the treasure hunts. xox

  4. Have a wonderful time! It’s a lovely time of year to visit. I’m actually planning to visit NYC in early September, and am so looking forward to being there again; it’s been many years!

  5. Teabags, reading glasses, comfy shoes – all in my travel bag, too! I’d have to squeeze in my e reader, too. I need to read!
    Have a wonderful time in your spiritual home, Patti! xxx

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