I Did Not Know That! And Vis Monday Reminder

We’re none of us too old to learn something new. And now there are so many more sources of information to educate ourselves with. It takes discretion and wisdom – two things we over-40 women have in abundance – to sort out the truly important material from the wildly trivial.

Here are some fact-y facts I learned only this week, by keeping my eyes and ears open:

Queen Elizabeth II prevented her sister Margaret from marrying the man she loved. I was crushed for Margaret when I learned this via The Crown on Netflix. Her romance with Peter Townsend was so, well, romantic. Royals, they’re just (not at all) like us.

There’s a new lip balm that costs $38 a tube.  I love a great lip balm. Vaseline from the tube is good too. This one must have unicorn tears in it, and make your lips look like Angelina’s.

The packaging is tres cool.

You can making baking powder at home!   Baking powder is wonderful for making your cakes and biscuits rise, but it never occurred to me to make it from scratch. It’s about one dollar a box at the Dollar Store, pre-made. Related: what is cream of tartar?

You can totally offend about one third of all women with your pantyhose ad We’re looking at you, Wish.com. You couldn’t find a model of normal-to-curvy proportions, like the one below, to show off your new hose?

Here’s a perfectly lovely ad for plus-size hose.

Stay fabulous, and see you at the new “Easy does it” Visible Monday,

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  1. You do know that The Crown is largely fiction don’t you. Margaret could have married him if she gave up her royal status but was not prepared to do so.

  2. The only time I use cream of tartar is when I want my egg whites to not break down. Yes, I’m a baking geek. Otherwise it isn’t used very often. I never knew it was a by product of wine making! Thanks to your other reader I’ve learned something new today too : )

    I do like the packaging on the lip balm. Very cool.


    • you are a baking Goddess! I should’ve guessed you’d know all the ingredients. xo

  3. Cream of tartar is an acidic byproduct of wine making. It’s​ most common use is for stabilizing egg whites in baking. I’ve an old recipe for teacakes (a cookie similar to shortbread cookies but denser) which calls for cream of tartar. It imparts a slightly tart-ish flavor to the teacakes. Why do you ask? If you use it to make homemade baking powder there’s certainly no cost savings, lol!

  4. Hmmmm…lip balm for $38? I think I’ll stick with my Nivea milk and honey version as well as my store bought baking powder, lol. I do know some who enjoy making their own detergent but I’m not necessarily a DIY girl. Sometimes I’d like to think I am but it never lasts. We’ve been watching The Crown too and learning quite a bit, such an interesting life those royals live.
    I had heard the buzz about the ad for the stockings, so tacky and disgusting. An absolute shame, what in the world were they thinking? Sometimes these things are just so hard to imagine!
    Enough rambling from me, you gave me lots to comment on Patti!

    • I don’t know anyone who makes their own baking powder, but cheers to them : >
      Yes, The Crown can draw you into another world. xo

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