How To Wear A Jumpsuit – When It’s Been 30 Years Since The Last One

I loved wearing jumpsuits in my late 20’s and early 30’s. I even had a
black silky one with sequins to wear to the clubs on Disco Nights. I’m
that old. I always associated my jumpsuits with a good time.

It took a long time for me to jump into this latest round of trendiness.
I though I might look too Mutton-as-Lamb (horrors) or just lumpy. When I
found this DKNY jumpsuit (similar) on deep discount at Ross Dress For Less, I decided to jump (heh) in. And I really like it.

It’s got an easy, not tight fit, real shoulder coverage, a drawstring
waist, a subtle print mixed with my favorite color (black), and the
cutest little ankle cuffs. It’s light and airy and going to the restroom
takes all of 30 seconds longer than with trousers. Just do NOT let your
suit fall on the public bath floor, just sayin’.

Wearing blue suede sandals (sim) and my old thrifted emerald cuff (sim). And Skinny G’s ping-pong ball – so arty.
A vintage gold and pearl necklace (sim) makes it more dressy.
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I like these stark pics because I can see what my hair will look like silver. I do like.

Have you or would you try a jumpsuit? I give them a NDYS thumbs up. xo

Stay fabulous,

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