How To Have Gorgeous Brows

I used to have thick, thick eyebrows. I cursed them, of course, the way youth does, and now I miss them. As life problems go, it’s a minor one, and fixable with the magic of cosmetics!

Here are my tips for better-looking brows, and I would love to hear yours:

  • Stop tweezing! OK, not so drastic as that, but if your brows have thinned out, tweeze very little. I do it about once a month now, and only hairs that definitely do not belong to the brow. ☺
  • When you do tweeze, pull in the direction of hair growth, one at a time. Natural light is best.
  • Use a normal, not magnifying mirror. The magnification is what makes you see “problem” hairs that don’t exist. You’ll need them later!
  • Leave all you can at the “tail” of your brows. The fullness there will give your eyes a lift.
  • Sometimes the hairs have left forever, through over-tweezing or simple aging. Brow powders are pretty great these days. My holy grail: Hide ‘n Chic Fill-In Hair Powder. This stuff is magic. I use it to cover a thinning part on my crown, and for my brows. The Light Brown/Blonde color is cool and medium-toned, perfect for my brows. It lasts all day and doesn’t move around. Very affordable too.
Love this! About $7-$8 via Amazon, and Sally’s has it too.

Any brow ideas to share? Thanks for coming by, and have a Marvelous Monday. Visible Monday will be back next week!

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  1. nope, I naturally have BLACK Freda Kahlo brows, and I HATE THEM! I see it as a BLESSING that I no longer have to pluck them daily.

  2. I should be so lucky, if the hairs I keep having to tweeze stopped growing altogether. It must be because of my Mediterranean origin. lol

  3. I know it sounds horrible but I use a razor to shape the top because I am too impatient to use tweezers. Tweezers seem to be the best and practical way to maintain your brows.

  4. Patti, now I am going to have to come out with my brow growing formula, inspired by Joan Crawford!!! She had a secret and I plan on bottling it. This gives me the push I need, thank you!! Thank you also for the 'fill in powder' share, I use taupe eye shadow to make mine look fuller now. Back in the day though, I used to compete with Brook Shields when it came to eyebrows and the tool in hand was the tweezer. πŸ™‚

  5. No words of brow wisdom here, but I often wish my brows were better too!

  6. I'm in love with "Gimme Brow" by Benefit. And yeah, my brows are thinning. Why doesn't anyone warn you about this sh*t?!

  7. I love MAC's Brow Set in Beguile. It's two or three shades deeper than my natural hair colour, so kind of a very-dark-blonde-verging-on-light-brown colour gel with a mascara-style brush (and tube!) and I have been using it for years to tame and lightly colour my brows in. (I also have them threaded; they aren't terribly thick or wild, but I prefer a bit more of an arch than nature blessed me with.)

  8. I've got thin brows 'cos I've got fine hair so I've always been about brow powders and pencils. I'm using an Estee Lauder pencil that is working brilliantly – no 'lines', just a soft brown shade that looks just like more eyebrow.

  9. Yup! Me too. This is the first year I've noticed a huge amount of thinning, but great brow powder, properly applied, is a big deal. I use Bare Minerals Auburn just for that, and a special stiff-ish, angled brush I had in my collection. I keep an extra little jar of it in the bathroom just to touch up bits when I see gaps in the part of my thinning
    ( sigh …) fine hair.
    Bangs help, too, but they're not for everyone, I know.
    Great tips, Patti.

  10. I love big eyebrows–wish I'd left mine alone a bit– or just not have overdone it.

  11. The lady at my genius threading salon claims that castor oil applied topically can cause hair regrowth where there's been overplucking. I can't verify myself, though I am trying it just in case! If only I could tell my younger self not to pluck so much …

  12. Most of us tend not to appreciate what we have until it's too late. As a boy, I had gorgeous long eyelashes — but people made fun of me because they looked so feminine. Now, I'd kill for those. Lashes seem to disappear as we age.

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