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Get happier. Well, yes, we all want to get happier. The truth that often escapes me is that it’s largely up to me to get happy. I’m reading a terrific book, Still Here, by Ram Dass, a spiritual teacher and psychologist. He recently died at age 88, so he’s not actually here, but his words resonate deeply.

Ram Dass offers a philosophy for aging that teaches us how to diminish our suffering despite the aches, pains, and limitations of age . . . .

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The tl;dr version of Still Here (and it’s worth a complete read 😊) is that we – particularly those of us in the first world – create much of our suffering because of our attachments to things and beliefs. The way to happiness includes loosening our hold on these these possessions and mindsets. So I’ve been focusing on the “letting go” of things I used to think I needed – like being young, being the smartest girl in the room, having new outfits, being approved of, being “right”, and many more.

This cheerful floral dress is by Kachel and rented via Nuuly. If you want to try Nuuly’s clothing rental service, get $20 off your first order by clicking here. The chocolate brown faux fur jacket (similar) was thrifted in our little downtown.
This olive velvet shrug (sim) makes a cute alternative topper for the boho dress. The rough and tough Steve Madden boots keep the dress from looking too precious.
I have – with peace – let go of the need to have naturally fabulous hair. I now enjoy wearing hair pieces, wigs, and hats/scarves. If you haven’t worn a wig, I can tell you the advancements in wig technology make it all so easy.

Are you wearing one of your get-happier outfits today? Show us (whatever you’re wearing) in the link-up!

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Stay fabulous, and wear what you love, xo

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  1. I think if you can learn to “let go” of stuff, expectations of others, and negative things from our past it makes ageing much easier (at least emotionally). I am constantly getting rid of things but I need to stop bringing new things into the house!

    • Yeah, same here. i just got back from donating a bag at the thrift and came home with two new cereal bowls! Learning to let go is indeed a worthy goal for our health, xox.

    • Hello dear Emma and thanks for linking up. I love your fine new blazer, and that the brand is “Peace of Mind”! Have a wonderful day, xox.

    • Good morning, Amber and thanks for coming by. Your floral blouse is feminine and gorgeous! xox

    • Hi Tami and thanks for linking up. Love your “half-off” post and the cool outfit you created! xox

    • Good morning, Linda and thanks for coming by! You look ready for winter fun in that soft pink vest, and you’re always looking happy in the snow! xox

    • Hi Dawn Lucy and yes, I think you will enjoy the book. Love your oversized and cozy sweater today! xox

    • Thanks Kim and thanks for linking up. Good luck with your gray transition, if that’s what you choose. I can say that letting my natural gray grow in was a wonderful choice for me, and saves me at least $1000 per year! xox

  2. Patti, this dress is the happiest thing I have seen all day! I absolutely adore it and both toppers look equally magnificent. I am with you about letting go of certain things to be happier. We do hold onto so much whether it be physical possessions, unwavering ideals, or toxic relationships and these things can so weigh us down and keep happiness just out of reach. Letting go is so important for finding peace and happiness. Great message today!


    • thanks, Shelbee, for your thoughtful reply. I hadn’t mentioned toxic relationships, but those need to be let go of as well, you are so right. Love how you translated the Gwen Stefani look! xox

    • Good morning Vale and thanks for coming over, and for your kind words. Your skirt and boots are extra gorgeous! xox

    • Thank you dear Debbie and thanks for linking up. We don’t “celebrate” Val Day but like you we try to suck all the juice out of the good moments. Love your ling floral duster! xox

  3. lovely dress, such a beautiful print (it looks like something by William Morris!) and I love how you styled it with the velvet bolero and the cute booties, making it look luxuriously comfy!
    Totally understand what you’ve written about ‘let go of the need to have naturally fabulous hair’. Becoming a huge fan of hats and headscarves!

    • Thank you for your kind words, Sra, and for linking up! I adore the wax print skirt you created, and your colorful layers, xox.

  4. Really interesting thoughts on letting go.
    I would love to see a post on wigs and hairpieces. It is not something I have considered before but as I have fine hair that is thinning as I get older it may be the way to go

    • Hello Catherine and thanks for coming by. Loved your post about procrastination (don’t we ALL do it?) and your lovely crafting. I will write more about wigs in the future! xox

    • Good morning, Eva, and thanks for coming over. I think you’ll like the idea of Nuuly, being in the rental business yourself. Your Pioneer outfits are fantastic! xox

    • Good morning, Cheryl and thanks for linking up! Love, love the rope-y blanket you featured, it looks extra cozy. xox

    • Good morning, dear Suzanne! Yes, it’s a good book that can be read in small chunks. With a nugget of hope and inspiration. Have a wonderful Canadian Monday! xox

    • thanks for coming over, Ellibelle, and linking up. Love your Buffalo plaid, and what a gorgeous kitty! (no biting!) xox

  5. Letting go of the things that seemed once important is so difficult – I can see that this is my challenge going into my 50s (and wrangling with menopause, arg).

    Looking lovely, particularly that divine velvet shrug, Patti! I also love, love, love your hair, wig or not. It’s such a fun look! Hope you and Sandy and the kitties are well, my dear. Thank you so much for hosting Visible Monday!

    • Good morning, my friend and thanks for coming by. Wrangling with menopause is no picnic! I can tell you it gets better. Your wide-leg denim trousers are so great! Must have! (never mind letting go for the moment : > ) xox.

    • Hi Kellyann and thanks for coming over! It is the right time for velvet, I agree! xox

  6. I’m with you on wigs. I have become a believer the last year. Life is so much easier with them. I will also agree about letting go-is hard.

    • Thanks Terri and yes, wigs are the best invention! You’re looking fab in plaid, and thanks for linking up, xox.

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