FAQ About Getting Older; Vis Monday Reminder

There really is quite a bit to know about getting older, things that nobody told me when I was 40. I thought at 60, I’d be me, only older and a little slower. So wrong! Here are some of the things I wish someone had told me:

Q: Is gray hair like normal hair, only gray?
A: No, gray hair isn’t like regular hair. It is coarser and has a mind of its own. It must be tamed with generous scoops of product, otherwise it looks like this:

It does! Source.

Q: What about other hair, like eyelashes and eyebrows?
A: Head hair, eyebrows and eyelashes will get thinner, lighter, and sparser. Other hair – face, personal areas, toes – will continue to flourish.

These are not my own fuzzy toes. Yet.

Q: Will I enjoy new hobbies in my later years?
A: Yes, sure, but mostly your interests will veer toward the medical: doctor appointments, tests, pharmacies, side effects, etc. You’ll have just enough time left over for the occasional crafts festival.

Q: How many pairs of reading glasses will I need?
A: One for every room, one for every purse, and a couple extra on the makeup counter. That’s about thirteen pair. Fortunately: Dollar Store.

They can be quite chic, though. Source.

Q: Can I still wear lipstick when I’m old?
A: Oh hell, yeah, but it will go on the lam, fleeing into the little crevices lines around our mouths. Bye, lipstick, hello lip balm.

Q: Is there any good news?
A: YES, so much, and some I probably haven’t even discovered yet:

  • Immeasurably less stress/worry, because most of the time we know how it turns out. Why worry, and suffer twice?
  • People think you know stuff, and attribute wisdom and grace to you (you deserve it).
  • You don’t take any crap, from anyone. If you’re returning an item and a clerk gives you ‘tude, you’ll have the most fierce, yet composed, face in return. In sotto voce you say: “Help me understand this . . .” Problem solved, trust me this works.
  • You know what you love to do/wear/pay attention to, and that’s what you do. You know who elevates you and you spend time with him/her.
  • You’re still here, and the beautiful things grow more beautiful every day.


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  1. If only the hair on my chin would move to my head!! I barely have to shave my armpits or legs anymore and I have only 7 pair of reading glasses.

  2. I enjoyed reading this Patti with the humour you have. Yes, less eyebrows, less worry, and im blind as a bat! i feel like my prescription changes every 2 yrs. As you said, there are those things you can’t beat, wearing and doing what you want, and not stressing over things.
    So true!
    Have a wonderful week!
    jess xx

  3. Is this post an April Fools joke? If I wanted to read this sort of ageist downbeat crap I would subscribe to Cosmopolitan or Woman’s Weekly.

  4. Aging doesn’t have to be a bad thing. I will be 72 in June, and I am more active and in better physical shape than I was in my 30’s. If grey hair,wrinkles and thinning eyebrows is what I have to contend with…bring it on! I can keep up with any of those thirty year olds in the gym who think they are such hottie pants! I love getting older!

  5. Aging can be different for different people, at least parts of it. My eyebrows are growing wiry white hairs creating a bushy effect. My hair, now white, got silky and curly and I love it. My evening ablutions include lots of plucking. Staying fit is almost a half-time job. Some people are extra-nice to me; others see right through me.

    • Your hair sounds wonderful! And yes of course, we all age differently; and staying fit does take a lot more effort : > Thanks for coming by. xo

  6. Agree 100% with all of these! Someone needs to create a lipstick specifically for the over 50 set that is moist enough to hide all the “lines” but with enough staying power to stay on the lips. I have about 25 lipsticks, and none of them are it.

  7. My daughter recently texted me and said she loved talking to me for my wisdom. I told her the only “wisdom” I still had were the four molars in the back of my mouth. My daughter’s response (we see the same dentist): “Damn, she made me remove mine last year. Guess I’m screwed.”

    As you can tell, in my family the women thrive/survive on humor. Clearly, you do, too.

    • aww, thank you Sabina, I feel honored! We bought a tiny place in Greenwich Village, and now I can fly up to see you when you visit! More good coffee for us. xo

      • One of your best posts ever Patti!! I am moved by the wisdom, tfuth, and humor here! You should be doing this type of writing for a publication or perhaps a Ted Talk?

  8. This is wonderful.
    Unfortunately, I am so near-sighted that my progressive lenses cost a fortune. Only one pair for me. And I am blind without them. I would love to have 13!
    The other thing about not seeing well: soft focus on wrinkles and facial hair.

    • Thank you, TOF. I do understand glasses can be wildly expensive. My husb. wears progressives too. xo

  9. Age-related alopecia (wouldn’t that be a pretty name for a little girl?) affects some of us more than others. I miss my eyebrows, but there’s scarcely enough leg and underarm hair left to bother to shave, anymore. Saves money on razor blades, one supposes … eyebrow pencils are pretty cheap.

    • I feel ya – that word “alopecia” sounds so inviting – but it’s a pest! xo

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