Are You A Purse Enthusiast? Over-40 Women Show How To Work It

There’s (at least) two kinds of style collectors: those who go ga-ga for a purse, and those who go crazy for some other swoon-worthy items (boots, lipsticks, lingerie, perfumes, graphic tees, et al.) I’m not a purse enthusiast myself, and only own three or four – all leather, all Coach, nice but nothing to swoon over. I do, however, appreciate an eye-catching bag, and enjoy looking at them.

When/if I get to move to NYC, I’ll be more purse-focused, as in the city I walk all day and need a fetching bag. Here in Florida, I toss my bag in the car, or forego one altogether when biking. That’s why I love skirts with pockets!

I think you don’t have to specialize in luxury bags to be a devotee. There are wonderful cloth and recycled purses on Etsy, for example. And of course, there’s eBay and the thrift shops, with loads of lightly used leather bags.

Loving this felt purse with an art-kitty. This one's under $35, love that too.

Loving this felt purse with an art-kitty. This one’s under $35, love that too.

And here's an authentic 1970's Boho fabric bag in a groovy patchwork, love it.

And here’s an authentic 1970’s Boho fabric bag in a groovy patchwork, so cute.

And as always, you’ll find an original selection of fab purses on the over-40 women of Visible Monday:

Choose luxury: Lisa of The Sequinist  is gorgeous in head to toe black, and is carrying the iconic Hermes Birkin bag. An investment to be sure, but one to carry for life; it will always make your look more luxe.

Go petite and sweet: Jessica of Elegantly Dressed And Stylish dressed for an office party or other festive event, and featured this gold bow convertible clutch. It’s perfect with her gold-themed outfit. Click on her site to see her gorgeous jewelry and always-killer red hair.

Make a striking contrast. Ani of Fleurani added a soft pink purse by Archiduchess (I never had heard of them but their selection looks great). It makes a chic pop against Ani’s red sweater and checked coatigan.

fleurani fall 17 2

Bring the bright colors: Anna  of Anna’s Island Style is vibrant in this saffron tunic and deep purple leggings. Her charming little bag is the perfect finisher. Per Anna, it was “purchased in Rome, no brand.” Must visit Rome asap.

Stay fabulous, wear the purse you love every day, and enjoy every sandwich, xo

Some cool purses to browse, at all price points:

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  1. I will say, i am very big on bags and I rarely throw one away although i do extended loans to my two daughter, then I can, at least, keep them in the family. A lot of my bags are second hand by companies or designers that I respect and enjoy collecting.

  2. That cat purse is fabulous (and I’m not a cat person). I often find myself in a love/hate relationship with purses. I love the potential for added detail and color to an outfit but I hate having to lug one around. My newfound adoration for mini-crossbody purses seems to resolve this conflict.


  3. I don’t get excited about purses as most days I wear my knapsack – my neck and shoulders don’t like a cross-body bag, and I don’t like carrying a purse in my hand. I do like the felt one with the black kitty cat though.

  4. I will say, i am very big on bags and I rarely throw one away although i do extended loans to my two daughter, then I can, at least, keep them in the family. A lot of my bags are second hand by companies or designers that I respect and enjoy collecting.

  5. I love a nice bag. But since working in other people’s homes, I am stunned by the number of purses that some of them keep. Totally amazing! I’m not being judgemental because it’s not as if I haven’t bought plenty of bags myself, I just haven’t kept them. So I can’t claim to be a serious bag lady. Watching one of those airport customs programs, I was shocked to learn that one lady was fined $1000 because she was bringing in a bag worth $5000. Just wondering if any here would spend that much on a purse?

  6. Love this feature Patti and I agree and a great bag collection need not be expensive. I am a bag collector, as well as rings and coats…. so I love a great bag…
    I am self conscious wearing my birkin these days… I seldom do, and when I do I often wear it backwards… back to your logo post…
    But it is beautiful. I am loving velvet bags of late.
    Love the gold bow bag too that jess is wearing and the patchwork boho bag too,

  7. Not a purse person at all but I am trying to get a few as I do like the effect a purse can add to an outfit. However, spending 10-20 grand on a purse just seems stupid to me. There is not that much actual value in the item; you are paying for the brand and to me that is just dumb. To each…

  8. I am totally not a purse gal, but these are all adorable. I like seeing them on other women, but I’m all about “how much does it hold?” and never having to change it, ever. I only use different bags when I’m going to a party.

  9. Thank you for featuring that little boho sewing bag! : )

    Have you seen the latest bags created for Game of Thrones fans?

    Great if you have an extra ten grand in your pockets.

    I’m like you, I often prefer pockets to a handbag thanks to my Fibromyalgia.

    Lisa has my dream bag! Although mine would be in caramel : ) When I think of that bag I think, car or bag? Ha ha! Yeah…not in this lifetime I think.

    • I know – new car or purse??? Haha. Love those Game of Throne bags, but srsly on the prices? xox

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