A Mini Style Round-Up From The Big Apple

We had one of those nightmarish travel experiences getting home from NYC. Eight hours waiting in Newark Airport, missing our connection, and getting 2 hours of sleep in an Atlanta hotel. Without our bags. Nothing, I mean nothing, felt as good as my own bed for a long nap when we got home.

Now refreshed, I’m sharing a few of the street styles I noticed, and how I might/not wear them. I’ll be interested in your views, as always. Summer in the city means lots of skin showing, and I saw lots of skin, in some fresh ways.

  • Flowy floral shorts. These are everywhere, paired with tees, tanks or boxy blouses. A truly fun and new look if you’re comfortable showing your entire leg. I’m not, but I can appreciate a lively style.
From Nordies, a very sweet short for those who love to show their legs.
Also Nordie‘s, these are a little more sophisticated and I’d wear them at 4″ longer.
  • Flat sandals – yay for this. I saw more of these this year than ever. On the young women they were mostly flat-flats with a little embellishment. On mid-life women I saw more supportive, but still appealing, flats.
I saw a lot of cute sandals like these, but they wouldn’t do for me in the city; no arch support.
These flats have just the right support and are still cool. I walked miles a day in them.
  • Little summer dresses. It’s a summer for dresses, and they looked fetching. In super-fashionable Soho I saw several geometric minimalist black shifts, worn with flat sandals or Chuck Taylors.
I saw a lot of loose, minimal black dresses like this one. I’d wear it in a heartbeat.

Elsewhere, but still in the style du jour, there were scores of floral sleeveless frocks with a 50’s silhouette: fitted waist and full skirts. Charming.

I saw 50’s style dresses like this one on every block. Lovely.

Are you wearing/wanting any of these?
Stay fabulous,

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